Workout Music

I’m not sure if I could run or workout without my iPod, unless, perhaps, I was being chased by a murderer, was about to miss my train, or had to go to the bathroom really really badly. It wasn’t until I started running and working out that I truly started to enjoy rap and hip hop. A lot. Generally, I don’t listen to music even close to the Top-40 arena, but you’ll see that’s not the case when my heart rate is up!

That said, here are screen shots from my current workout playlists*. Yes, putting up screen shots instead of typing in the songs is really, really, really lazy, but alas.

The Long Run “Workout Chill” Playlist

“Workout SuperSelect” Play List

“Non-Rap Run” Playlist

“Workout Select” Playlist

the “Workout All Inclusive” Playlist is a mess that’s about 6 hours long and I promise, you’re not interested. It’s just basically all of songs I have by all of the above artists (“artists”?) and also every Black Eyed Peas song known to man. Well, actually, known to Sarah. Also I frequently add any and all Lauryn Hill in with any and all of these playlists to make me especially joyous as I run around.

Feel free to share your guilty pleasure workout songs below so i’m not the only crazy person here!

*disclaimer: no judging allowed. These are the jams that make my body want to run–it’s not something that my mind has any control over.

5 Comments to “Workout Music”

  1. Girl Talk’s stuff is really fun to work out to since they’re already all mashups. Been rocking out to their album “All Day.”

  2. I love your suggestions, thanks for the inspiration! I have been listening to the same albums for all my runs, I really like your idea of different playlists for different types of runs.

  3. Ha just saw this post – have you changed your site lay-out? Looks good! Bit behind the 8th ball here but will comment anyway!

    There are few songs on your playlists that are on mine! In terms of chill out long run music (not that I seem to get fit enough to do those any more!) I would highly recommend checking out some NZ bands such as The Black Seeds, Salmonella Dub, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Hollie Smith. Honestly their music makes you melt and before you know it you’ve ticked off an hour!

    More upbeat runs (which I only ever have if training on a treadmill) – I love I am Giant (part NZ), Dukes (NZ again), Blur, Chemical Brothers & even the odd Lady Gaga or KT Tunstell. But I haven’t remained motivated so perhaps my playlists need a revamp! 🙂

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