Weight Loss

Weight loss is not a speed game. Ultimately, weight loss isn’t even about losing weight, but adjusting yourself to a healthier lifestyle which is maintainable and better for your body. As you continually make little changes and treat your body better, the weight will come off in a healthy way, until you are at a healthy weight which you easily maintain by continuing to live the lifestyle that you developed for yourself while you were losing weight.

As I was taking this picture, my weight varied by 3 pounds

The scale isn’t important and cannot be your only measure of success as you seek to become a fitter, and perhaps smaller, person. If the scale is the focus of your journey to a healthier self, what will happen when you reach your goal weight and the scale is no longer “telling” you that you are making progress? Plus, about 80 million different things impact your weight (check out this awesome article for more information on that). If you made great, healthy choices, got in your activity, and are proud of the way you lived your life for a week, it doesn’t really matter what the scale says–you’re treating your body the way it deserves to be treated.

If you seek to lose weight by following a limited diet that you don’t intend to stick with once you’re at your goal weight, chances are that the weight loss won’t be permanent—I suggest only doing things to lose weight that you’re intending to do for the rest of your life. Do you want to be hungry and/or not eat bread forever just so you can wear littler pants? Thought not.

Weight loss is hard—it involves redefining the relationship you have with food and with your body into something that is healthy. That’s big stuff. I find that it’s a mental game a lot more than a physical eat-this-not-that game.

I have been using Weight Watchers Online for my journey, and can’t recommend it enough. It focuses on natural food, encourages you to eat a lot (your body needs lots of fuel to operate correctly!), and you can literally eat anything in the world that you want to, which is perfect.

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5 Comments to “Weight Loss”

  1. Sarah….I agree with this whole heartedly!!

    Loving your blog!

  2. This is great my philosophy is the same! Have you recently lost a lot of weight? How much?

    • it’s a good philosophy, I find!
      hah, yes, I have lost a lot of weight, as perhaps you noticed by clicking around blogland some more!

      Thanks for checking out my blog, Alexa!

  3. Great post, I totally agree! Losing weight is more about feeling good and living healthy than what any numbers (which are so fickle) say.

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