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June 3, 2011

Green Apple and Shallot Tuna Salad

Lunch really doesn’t get enough attention or praise, does it?My colleagues can attest to the fact that I have been eating the same thing for lunch (salad with tomatoes, cucumber, chicken and beans, a cheese stick, and a piece of toast) every day for just about a year. If I don’t eat that for lunch, it’s because it’s the weekend, I’m out of lettuce, and I’m having a big plate of scrambled eggs (probably with tomato, mushroom, and a cheese stick mixed in, and a piece of toast on the side) instead. I don’t think about lunch a lot, and that’s just fine. But. I find that when I give just a smidgen of extra attention to lunch, things like this green apple & shallot tuna emerge from my brain. It’s more interesting & more delicious, I think, than the standard celery + tuna combination, so give it a shot! And yes, I do find it completely impossible to resist buying a still-warm baguette from Whole Foods every once in a while.

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