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March 20, 2011

On Appropriate Running Shoes

So the plan was to sit down this morning and write a enthusiastic post about how my life was changed by switching from one variety of sneakers to another after realizing that the mid-run pain in the outer bit of my leg was caused by wearing sneakers with more support than I need. I even took this picture yesterday of the new sneakers stomping upon the old sneakers, proving their superiority.

The plan was that my lovely 11 mile run yesterday would have cemented the fact that the shoes the running store and I spent hours (okay, probably 40 minutes) deciding were perfect for my absurdly large feet with a confused arch were, actually, what I should be running in.

I was going to write beautiful words of joy and delight about how wonderful it is when you have finally found the appropriate sneaker. I was going to draw charts showing things about what different kinds of support structures do to your leg when you run on them, and I was going to do research and it was going to be a lovely post, all in all.

Instead, I am sitting on my bed moving an icepack around my lower left leg every 20 minutes, and staring at my “new, perfect, blah blah blah” sneakers with rage. Rage. Once I mentally collect myself, I will be going back to my favorite running store, where, once again, I will exchange shoes that I ran 15-20 miles in for another pair of new shoes which, fingers crossed, will do the trick.

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March 7, 2011

The Long Run

Now that the weather is warming up and April race dates are approaching, it seems that everyone is starting to rotate a long run back into their exercise schedules, and I would please like to talk about them, why I think they’re great, and share what I’ve learned about prepping for, running, and recovering from long runs.  If you’re not one who runs (yet?), there is still stuff to be learned about fitness within the words of this post – pinky swear. This is long, but it’s full of good stuff. As with most of my knowledge, the following is the compilation of months of googling combined with experience. Lovely. Let’s go.

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February 9, 2011

The Heart Rate Monitor, Googled Science, and General Dorkiness

Look! My heart rate monitor! (this will be the only truly helpful picture in this post)

You don’t need a lot of equipment, gear, or other items to be active unless your activity of choice is, say, ice-wall climbing, kayaking, trapeze artistry, or some other activity which clearly focuses around using things to move yourself through a certain environment.

However, there are certain, technically unnecessary items which I do consider to be crucial to my continued athletic lifestyle –this will be the first post of numerous ones which act as unintentional product placement.  While I’m fairly confident that I would be motivated to maintain my exercise regimen without these tools (especially as I continue to be amazed by the mentally rejuvenating power of a good run after an exhausting day), using them helps me to more easily incorporate activity into my life. A note that this post is very picture-light because I literally left everything in the world that I would like to take pictures of at work (I am taking a well-deserved day off today, both from work and from exercise).

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