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January 31, 2012

Cilantro Turkey Burger

I usually think that the things I cook sans-recipe (aka my Culinary BS experiments) are good, but. Well. This dinner was phenomenal.

She doesn’t know it, but inspiration for this one comes from my college friend, Emily, who keeps a cooking blog. Recently, Emily posted an amazing recipe for Cilantro Lime Shrimp, which I tried out for a little dinner gathering a few weeks ago now. The shrimp dish was excellent (make it!), and a fortunate side effect was a large amount of leftover fresh cilantro, which I would prefer to use instead of throw out.

Turkey is relatively plain, and uninteresting turkey burgers (read: not flavored or filled with things) can easily be dry & completely tasteless. The trick to make turkey burgers delicious is to fill them with juicy flavor givers. In this case, those things were cilantro, tomatoes, and red onion.

Turkey burgers are a great medium for creativity. Seriously. You can do anything with them. My friend served me mint & feta turkey burgers once. I made Apple Turkey Burgers a while ago. The only way to make a turkey burger not good is to not put anything in it & expect it to have a good flavor. Go crazy with these guys. But first, you really should try this preparation! 

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July 27, 2011

Spinach Chips, Gratuitous Photos, and No, I’m not Dead

One of the first rules of blogging (that’s right, I read those rules back when I started this thing) is to never apologize for the infrequency of your posts. So instead of breaking rules, I will simply say that I know you all understand that when it’s summery, busy, sunny, and busy, I easily get distracted from the blog. I’m sure that you actually want me to be outside when it’s nice out, rather than guiltily sitting at my computer writing. Things have been busy. The few spare moments I’ve had in the last month were spent trying to escape to the beach (2 days so far…that needs improvement), fixing a never ending line of flat bike tubes (I think I just need a new tire & that this one is glass-ridden), starting another round of half-marathon training on a new pair of minimalist running shoes, continuing to learn how to make cultural vegan food, redoing workout playlists, and reapplying sunblock. I’m having an excellent summer, and while I wish that I had been a better blog-keeper, I don’t wish that at anytime in the past month I was sitting at a computer instead of doing other stuff.

That said, I was just cleaning out my camera, and remembered that I made & photographed the Spinach-Chip-Making process a while back, knowing that there would be a time eventually when I wanted to put a post up, but didn’t really have the brainwaves to contribute to one. So I’ll share the Spinach-Chip process, and then give you some gratuitous summer pictures.

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June 14, 2011

Summery Vegetably Italian-ish Polenta Meal of Excellence

I’ve been exceedingly slow at posting this delicious meal because I don’t know what to call it. I think you’ll agree that I have not solved this dilemma, but am posting it nonetheless. You know about my recent brush with polenta infatuation, so I’m sure this post comes as no surprise. As I have said, polenta is one of those things that is delicious with just about anything else that’s also delicious. But polenta really isn’t the star of this dish. It’s just the only part of this dish that I actually know what to call. This tomatoey stuff, which I want to call a ragu, despite it not really being a ragu, is very simple and very crowd pleasing. There’s something about the zucchini/tomato/garlic/onion combination which I just find incredibly pleasing and refreshing and, when paired with fish, which I did in this preparation (although I have also successfully added chicken and pork instead of fish), this is just my ultimate summer comfort food.

So do allow me to share.

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June 3, 2011

Green Apple and Shallot Tuna Salad

Lunch really doesn’t get enough attention or praise, does it?My colleagues can attest to the fact that I have been eating the same thing for lunch (salad with tomatoes, cucumber, chicken and beans, a cheese stick, and a piece of toast) every day for just about a year. If I don’t eat that for lunch, it’s because it’s the weekend, I’m out of lettuce, and I’m having a big plate of scrambled eggs (probably with tomato, mushroom, and a cheese stick mixed in, and a piece of toast on the side) instead. I don’t think about lunch a lot, and that’s just fine. But. I find that when I give just a smidgen of extra attention to lunch, things like this green apple & shallot tuna emerge from my brain. It’s more interesting & more delicious, I think, than the standard celery + tuna combination, so give it a shot! And yes, I do find it completely impossible to resist buying a still-warm baguette from Whole Foods every once in a while.

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April 27, 2011

Hamburger Night/Summer

Today, I acted like it was summer.

I biked to work, squeezed in a (10 minute) picnic lunch, managed to hold a meeting outside, biked all around after work wearing a tank tap, and then ate this for dinner: If I eat grilled vidalia onions (okay, in this case oven-grilled) enough, it will become July, yes? Yes.

Anyway, I feel like people know how to cook hamburgers, technically, but don’t always know how to make them taste good, and not just taste like cardboard covered in ketchup. So I’ll share my standard Hamburger “recipe”. I promise I eat foods that aren’t burger form, although I understand how, between this post and my last food-related post, you might doubt that. But first, allow me to indulge you with 2 pictures that I needed to take on my bike ride today. As in, biked passed the shots, thought about how cool they would look, turned around on the bike (once barely escaping Death By Speeding Mini Cooper), got off the bike, and took the photo. I need to find a way to Cam Jansen blog-quality photos.

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