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April 27, 2011

Hamburger Night/Summer

Today, I acted like it was summer.

I biked to work, squeezed in a (10 minute) picnic lunch, managed to hold a meeting outside, biked all around after work wearing a tank tap, and then ate this for dinner: If I eat grilled vidalia onions (okay, in this case oven-grilled) enough, it will become July, yes? Yes.

Anyway, I feel like people know how to cook hamburgers, technically, but don’t always know how to make them taste good, and not just taste like cardboard covered in ketchup. So I’ll share my standard Hamburger “recipe”. I promise I eat foods that aren’t burger form, although I understand how, between this post and my last food-related post, you might doubt that. But first, allow me to indulge you with 2 pictures that I needed to take on my bike ride today. As in, biked passed the shots, thought about how cool they would look, turned around on the bike (once barely escaping Death By Speeding Mini Cooper), got off the bike, and took the photo. I need to find a way to Cam Jansen blog-quality photos.

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February 20, 2011

The First Jacketless Run of 2011

Some afternoons, I am able to leave work for a little bit and take advantage of my favorite time of day for running. Thursday was one of those afternoons. It was 53 degrees and sunny. I only needed to wear capri-length pants and a long sleeve running shirt. I was pretty happy. Here are some pictures I took that I hope will make you pretty happy, too.

ah, I am completely delighted and relaxed

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