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September 30, 2011

On Not Running

So many of us who struggle with weight stuff get into this constant mode of “exercise exercise exercise you need to exercise if you want to be healthy GO GO GO It’s good for your body and good for you RUN RUN RUN WHY ARE YOU NOT EXERCISING? Oh, I guess it’s because you’re a lazy butt GO TO THE GYM.

or something

But way more important that exercising, I think, is to listen to your body, and, when this is what your body is telling you: maybe stop running so much in the vibrams.

I’ve got some tendonitis in my pinky-toe foot tendon area, and haven’t been able to run for almost a month now. I’m best friends with my foot doctor, and after the cortisone shot I got on Wednesday and the anti-inflammitories I am poppin’, it should be better within the next week or so, which is great.

My initial frustration with getting injured was very brief, and, to be honest, I was pretty proud of myself for not being a dramatic baby and curling up with a pint (I’m talking ice cream, but if you’re thinking beer, that’s fine, too) & a box of granola on the sofa, taking this as a sign that I was destined for eternal fathood.

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August 29, 2011

Thanks for the wisdom, Knee Doctor

I am too fat to be a runner and I should swim instead.

That’s what the sports medicine knee doctor told me. The man I had to wait a month to see. The man I am sure I will have to pay a bajillion dollars for the twelve minutes of his time that I got.

“You’re built like a swimmer,” he says, “maybe a triathloner. Runners are about 110 pounds.”

Yeah, I sure see a lot of fat swimmers and triathloners–they’re all over the place! It’s a miracle that I didn’t stab this man, let alone curse him out.

“Well, I started running when I was 260 pounds,” I say, to show that, while I am fat, I could be fatter. “I build up slowly, in a smart way. And I get the pain when I cycle, too.”

“You’ve lost some weight. You’re doing too much, too fast. You have to stop pushing yourself. Cross training is good.”

He’s such a brilliant man. I should open up a sports medicine branch with my associate, Google.

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July 30, 2011

Summer Night Runs are Wonderful, But Sometimes Bring Tragedy

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night time running is glorious. Everyone else who is out is relaxed and happy. Well, they might not be, but it’s too dark to see facial expressions, so sure, why not — they all are relaxed and happy. Summer nights on the river/running paths make Boston seem so calm. It’s gorgeous out there, it’s cooler, and, if you leave at the right time, the change in light is fantastic to watch. Whenever a night time summer run fits into my life, I am delighted. And I think these pictures explain why. 

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June 22, 2011

A Vibram Five-Finger Update

So I’ve had these crazy toe shoes for about two months now, and I’ve just gotten to the point where  I can go out and run for an hour+ like I used to do in sneakers.

The pain I had in my leg that eventually brought on this whole vibram curiosity? Completely a thing of the past. My entire running form has completely changed, and with every additional vibram run, I find something else to tweak in order to make running more natural and more comfortable.

Back straight, hips forward, upper body relaxed, knees up, heels kicking back, legs circling through, almost pedaling over the ground. The consistency in momentum is kind of remarkable with this running form — it’s not pavement pounding, it’s pavement gliding, I’d say, or maybe pavement…cycling? Whatever it is,  it’s a LOT more fun.

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May 8, 2011

You Are A Runner

WordPress, the site through which the blog is managed, keeps a beautiful record of all of my site statistics. I know how many different pages of my site are read each day, how people get to my site (facebook, google reader, etc), what links on my site are clicked on, and, probably most interesting, what people type into search engines to get to my site.

This is fascinating to me. Some great things have been googled, and personal favorites include “lady sarah dishes,” “stretched gumby,” “my running face,” and the all-time-best-ever: “excessive googling”. Someone really gets me.

But in all honesty, it’s really interesting to see not only that people others share my relationship with Google, but that people are using it to determine how to face their issues with binge eating, when it’s time to buy new sneakers, how carbohydrates and proteins fuel the body, and how to cook spaghetti squash (the face up verses face down issue continues to be a hot topic). I enjoy seeing proof that people are trying to learn and integrate healthiness by learning things from Google. That’s exactly what I do.

Recently, people have been googling about what a runner’s body should look like, or how far they should be able to run in an hour, and those are some things that I’d like to talk about.  

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April 25, 2011

Vibrams & Barefoot/Minimalist Running

I’ve logic-ed it out, and I think this barefoot running stuff makes sense.

I’ve had Vibrams for about a week, and they only have 2 miles on them so far (frequently ignored muscles quickly became sore), but I’m psyched to get my body adjusted to running in them. It might take a while, but it will definitely be worth it.

These Bikilas are Vibram’s running-specific shoe

Among other things, Running in Vibrams is just more fun than running in sneakers. With them on, I felt like I was bouncing along the pavement, naturally moving forward, rather than pounding through it, pushing myself forward with every foot strike. I was a little kid discovering the most natural and exciting thing I had ever found. And with every other runner I saw, I wondered if they knew what I was figuring out — I felt a little bit sneaky, like I had found some elevated awareness of what running was supposed to be. I felt like my whole body was involved in my run– I could feel the ground my feet were interacting with and I could feel my legs and muscles working in a completely different way. I felt each step. And I’m still thinking about this twenty-something minute run.

Running in Vibrams was like discovering a secret. And I’ll try to share that secret with you all, by talking a bit about the shoe itself, the difference in my running step with the Vibrams, and why I am psyched about how sore my calves were post-vibramed run. 

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April 18, 2011

Marathon Monday in Photos

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April 9, 2011

Back to Weight Loss, Okay, Sarah?

There has been recent brain declouding regarding my weight loss journey, past and future, and I’d like to share it here. This may be mostly for my own benefit, but hopefully the words I write here explaining the declouding will help others as they work through all of the head stuff that plays such a major part in this weight loss thing.

Right now, I’ve got the living healthy thing down. I know what good food is, I love exercise, and I can recognize that my body feels better when I treat it well. I’ve kind of enjoyed mentally adjusting to the weight range I’ve been hovering in since September (185ish)– I can shop for clothes in normal stores, I am in better athletic shape than probably 65% of twenty-somethings, I don’t stand out as a fat person (even though in my head I still think I do, but that’s another discussion), don’t have to check the weight-limit on chairs, and can easily fit in single seats on the subway. For the first time in my life, my weight doesn’t define my day to day actions. It’s pretty cool. And it’s a big mental switch. It’s been fine that the weight loss has been slow — there’s no rush in this. I’ve got my whole life to live here.

But I still definitely have at least 30 unnecessary pounds on this body of mine, and it would seem that, through numerous Sarah Brain Explorations over the past few weeks, I have finally figured out the next mental switch to start getting them off. Of course I’ll get to sharing that mental switch, but first let’s backstory into my brain, shall we? Glorious.

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