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January 10, 2012

Chick Pea, Goat Cheese, Beet, etc Pizza

This pizza was initially inspired by my friend’s overly beety CSA load. Well, that and the fact that we wanted to make dinner together, but we didn’t want to grocery shop. This pizza came together based on the items in my fridge.

We’ve made this twice now, so clearly we are quite pleased with the concoction, and unfortunately I didn’t take phenomenal pictures either time (it’s hard to cook, chat, AND shoot pictures at the same time, especially when you’re not in the blogging mindset (yet!)).

Yes, if it was whole wheat dough it would be more nutritious, but we didn’t go that route (it’s harder, we were lazy).


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May 30, 2011

This Pizza is Delicious & Interesting–please make it.

One of my loveliest friends visited Boston this weekend, and we remade (and improved, of course) a pizza that we invented in her Brooklyn kitchen in January. There is a good chance that our brilliant invention of this pizza was part of what inspired the start of le blog, so it’s high time that it gets its spot here.

I don’t eat pizza all that much because I see it as one of those things that’s only worth eating if it’s absofreakinglutely delicious & interesting. Pizza’s pretty cool, because, like all of my most favorite things to cook, it essentially offers a blank canvas with delicious possibilities on which you can do whatever the hell you please (I’ll spare you the side comment about my ever growing loves for polenta and oatmeal–don’t worry). If you like something, you can probably put it on pizza and you will like it more (we’re talking food items. I like my favorite pen, but I don’t think Favorite Pen Pizza would be tasty).

So what I’m saying is this: you can do whatever the hell you please with pizza. But. I promise that it’s in your best interest to make the pizza I’ll describe here. And if you don’t like it, my friend & I will eat it. All of it. Happily.

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