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April 19, 2011

Apple Turkey Burger & Squash Fries

I love Hamburger Night. It’s delicious. I just think there’s something satisfying and fun about sitting down to eat a giant burger and pile of fries, especially when they are prepared in a way that is good for you. Being brought down from a Hamburger Night High by a full & uncomfortable stomach is a terrible ending to a potentially glorious meal. Plus, any dinner that one can eat in a socially acceptable manner with zero utensils is an awesome dinner.

This Turkey/Apple/Scallion/Garam Masala Burger accompanied by squash fries is a good, healthy, any-old-day-of-the-week twist on Hamburger Night. Having squash serve as the fry base instead of potatoes allows me to feel no conflict over the double-starch (bun, oven fries) that occasionally falls on my Hamburger Night plate, and the juiciness of the apples in the turkey burger will make you forget that you’re eating a burger without cheese on it. I promise. This is delicious (and I invented it, I think) (well, I’m not the first person to make squash fries).

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January 31, 2011

How to Make Oven Fries

Oven fries are better than regular fries. Seriously — they actually taste better. Roasting them brings out the sweetness of the potato, and you can flavor the oven fries to match whatever else you’re eating. Plus, you know how after you eat a ton of fries, you feel ill? And like grease/oil is oozing out of you? Even the best french fries don’t really warrant that feeling (I argue). Give these healthy, easy, delicious, magical, wonderful oven fries a shot, and see what you think! I made them with a sweet potato, but you can use pretty much any kind of potato you’d like, or mix potato varieties if you’re feeling really wild. A friend of mine insists that Yukon Gold potatoes make the best oven fries— I have yet to try that, but I trust her. Once, I made oven fries out of butternut squash instead of a potato—A for effort & intention, B for taste, D for overall similarity to anything close to a french fry.

Enough of that all – here’s how to make oven fries:

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