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May 8, 2011

You Are A Runner

WordPress, the site through which the blog is managed, keeps a beautiful record of all of my site statistics. I know how many different pages of my site are read each day, how people get to my site (facebook, google reader, etc), what links on my site are clicked on, and, probably most interesting, what people type into search engines to get to my site.

This is fascinating to me. Some great things have been googled, and personal favorites include “lady sarah dishes,” “stretched gumby,” “my running face,” and the all-time-best-ever: “excessive googling”. Someone really gets me.

But in all honesty, it’s really interesting to see not only that people others share my relationship with Google, but that people are using it to determine how to face their issues with binge eating, when it’s time to buy new sneakers, how carbohydrates and proteins fuel the body, and how to cook spaghetti squash (the face up verses face down issue continues to be a hot topic). I enjoy seeing proof that people are trying to learn and integrate healthiness by learning things from Google. That’s exactly what I do.

Recently, people have been googling about what a runner’s body should look like, or how far they should be able to run in an hour, and those are some things that I’d like to talk about.  

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April 18, 2011

Marathon Monday in Photos

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April 17, 2011

Words Aren’t Going Together In My Brain Right Now

So allow me to share a life update with some pictures.

Check it: For now, I’m just wearing them around the apartment to make sure all is well (I can’t return them once I run in them outside), but obviously I’ll share my thoughts on them once I get the nerves to fully embrace my purchase. I’m kind of psyched.

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