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January 31, 2012

Cilantro Turkey Burger

I usually think that the things I cook sans-recipe (aka my Culinary BS experiments) are good, but. Well. This dinner was phenomenal.

She doesn’t know it, but inspiration for this one comes from my college friend, Emily, who keeps a cooking blog. Recently, Emily posted an amazing recipe for Cilantro Lime Shrimp, which I tried out for a little dinner gathering a few weeks ago now. The shrimp dish was excellent (make it!), and a fortunate side effect was a large amount of leftover fresh cilantro, which I would prefer to use instead of throw out.

Turkey is relatively plain, and uninteresting turkey burgers (read: not flavored or filled with things) can easily be dry & completely tasteless. The trick to make turkey burgers delicious is to fill them with juicy flavor givers. In this case, those things were cilantro, tomatoes, and red onion.

Turkey burgers are a great medium for creativity. Seriously. You can do anything with them. My friend served me mint & feta turkey burgers once. I made Apple Turkey Burgers a while ago. The only way to make a turkey burger not good is to not put anything in it & expect it to have a good flavor. Go crazy with these guys. But first, you really should try this preparation! 

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September 4, 2011

How To Cook Just About Everything

I work with a lot of (excellent) college students, and right now is the time of the year where they are all settling into their new living quarters, and realizing that they need to depend on their own kitchen, rather than a dining hall, for sustenance.

So far, only one sorry kitchen tale has been brought to me (it was the story of a sweet potato that refused to cook fast enough), but as I eagerly await more, “Sarah, how do you cook?” questions, I figured I’d throw a post out there, dedicated new these new Kitchen Crusaders, in hopes that their kitchens soon produce delicacies finer than cup-a-soups, toast, and frozen vegetables.

Okay, before we get started…

Please make sure that your meals generally consist of vegetables/fruits, a grain or starch, and a form of protein. You know how to cook cereal, pasta, minute rice, salads, and sandwiches. You can probably do tacos, stir fry, pizza, and scrambled eggs really well. That’s all awesome. I’m going to walk you through some different (easy) preparations of foods that are healthy, inexpensive, and easy to find. Honestly, I googled most of these things when I first found myself in my own kitchen!

This is a very long post with a lot of information in it.  I’m hoping that this is everything you need to know to start really cooking for yourself all of the time! I’m trying to include the basic foods that don’t come with “this is how you cook this food” directions written on it, but let me know if I’m missing anything.

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July 28, 2011

The Glories of the Knife Sharpener

Biking back home from the train today (on my big ‘ol cruiser commuter bike, that has recently been just as neglected as the blog because biking the 2 miles to/from the train in 90+ degrees ruins outfits), I thought, “hm, you know what would be a fun post to do? Something about the kitchen tools/gadgets that I use all of the time and couldn’t live without. That’s not much work for you, Sarah, and you did have a very nice time posting yesterday. You could do it again today! Just go through your kitchen and take picture of stuff! Fun!”

Then I got home. And I went through my kitchen.

Hm. What could I really not live without?

After my first day back in the office after a week away, there was an obvious choice.  Naw, some wine has twist off caps now. 

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April 19, 2011

Apple Turkey Burger & Squash Fries

I love Hamburger Night. It’s delicious. I just think there’s something satisfying and fun about sitting down to eat a giant burger and pile of fries, especially when they are prepared in a way that is good for you. Being brought down from a Hamburger Night High by a full & uncomfortable stomach is a terrible ending to a potentially glorious meal. Plus, any dinner that one can eat in a socially acceptable manner with zero utensils is an awesome dinner.

This Turkey/Apple/Scallion/Garam Masala Burger accompanied by squash fries is a good, healthy, any-old-day-of-the-week twist on Hamburger Night. Having squash serve as the fry base instead of potatoes allows me to feel no conflict over the double-starch (bun, oven fries) that occasionally falls on my Hamburger Night plate, and the juiciness of the apples in the turkey burger will make you forget that you’re eating a burger without cheese on it. I promise. This is delicious (and I invented it, I think) (well, I’m not the first person to make squash fries).

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February 13, 2011

Prepping for a Healthy Week

no pictures of me as a horrid child exist (right, mom?), so this will have to do.

When forced to actively think about what I should eat or how I should exercise mid-work-week, Bratty 4 Year Old Sarah comes out and whines and stomps around, angry that she has to make choices about food and exercise plans, which generally results in one or more of the following happening to Grown Up Fancy Lady Sarah:

1. The allotted workout window is shortened because 4 Year Old Sarah couldn’t decide between gymming or running, and thus Fancy Lady Sarah had to change outfits 4 times.

2. Fancy Lady Sarah has to eat stupid canned tuna on her salad instead of chicken because Brat Sarah was too lazy to cook the chicken over the weekend (which takes about 2 minutes of active kitchen work)

3. Fancy Lady Sarah visits Whole Foods to pick up veggies for dinner every night, thinking doing such classifies her as European. This means she also visits the Whole Foods salad bar every night and spends apprx $239402 extra on food “because it’s so pretty!”. Which she justifies as “just fine,” since spending $239402 on Whole Foods food is a lot better than spending it on fast food, as Sarah Of The Past did.

4. Fancy Lady Sarah spends the week feeling like she constantly has to keep on trying to think one step ahead of Brat Sarah, and thus spends afternoons trying to be decisive about dinner veggies & workout plans, instead of spending the afternoon focusing on more important (and more interesting) things, like what her next blog post should be about.

4b. Fancy Sarah’s brain energy is spend arguing with 4 Year Old Sarah, instead of on blog post topics. Thus you all suffer. And that is not nice.

5. Fancy Lady Sarah gets so irritated with the 4 year old brat that she completely turns into 4 year old Sarah by rebelling and taking “extra days of rest” or eating random, unnecessary food. Then Fancy Sarah feels ill and grumpy.

I think I’ve demonstrated, through those five truly fear-inspiring examples, that I need to plan my week out before I live it. When I already know how I’m exercising and what I’m eating for the upcoming week, it’s harder to not follow those plans than it is to follow them. Living Healthfully is easiest when you’ve already laid everything out have to do out right in front of yourself — when you already know the healthy choices you’re going to integrate in the upcoming week, there is no way for your version of 4 Year Old Brat Sarah to come out & influence my Grown Up Fancy Life. The intention is that me sharing how I plan for my week (with all of the influencing brain waves included) will help you plan for yours. 

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February 2, 2011

On Surrounding Yourself with Quality Food/A Tour of my Food Stashes

Our bodies need a lot of fuel to function healthfully–it’s amazing how much food our bodies can process while they either maintain a current weight or lose weight. Living healthfully isn’t about limiting what you eat by any means; it’s simply about fueling your body with quality, nutrient-rich foods.

I eat a lot of food. I eat every 2-3 hours, and if I don’t, I get hungry and grumpy. Thus, I pretty much always need to be surrounded by good, healthful food options so that I don’t have to resort to one of the following:

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