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June 14, 2011

Summery Vegetably Italian-ish Polenta Meal of Excellence

I’ve been exceedingly slow at posting this delicious meal because I don’t know what to call it. I think you’ll agree that I have not solved this dilemma, but am posting it nonetheless. You know about my recent brush with polenta infatuation, so I’m sure this post comes as no surprise. As I have said, polenta is one of those things that is delicious with just about anything else that’s also delicious. But polenta really isn’t the star of this dish. It’s just the only part of this dish that I actually know what to call. This tomatoey stuff, which I want to call a ragu, despite it not really being a ragu, is very simple and very crowd pleasing. There’s something about the zucchini/tomato/garlic/onion combination which I just find incredibly pleasing and refreshing and, when paired with fish, which I did in this preparation (although I have also successfully added chicken and pork instead of fish), this is just my ultimate summer comfort food.

So do allow me to share.

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