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February 23, 2011

Running with A Dog — A Guest Post

I’m pretty excited about my first ever guest post.

Jayne and I went to college together.  Before we met, a friend said to me, “Have you met Jayne? I feel like maybe you have… You would know if you’ve met Jayne—she’s super goth”.

Jayne is not goth. But. You would know if you’ve met Jayne. I have a theory that anyone who spells “Jayne” with a “y” is rather worth knowing.

The main difference between Jayne and me (other than that I’m better at scrabble) is that she likes animals, while I do not fancy them all that much. Despite this difference, I still respect Jayne. Growing up, I was certain that all big black dogs wanted to kill/eat both me and my cat. Jayne’s dog is the very animal that Young Sarah feared the most.

Anyway, Jayne’s a veterinary student and lives with her dog, Rory, two roommates, two other dogs, and two guinea pigs. Yes –that would be more animals than people. Here’s Jayne’s lovely guest post on running with Rory.

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