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February 9, 2012

Lentil Soup

I think it’s challenging to find a more comforting, hearty, soul-warming, healthy, and simple wintertime dinner than lentil soup.Like most things I cook, lentil soup can take on whatever flavors you want, and you can pretty much put anything that grows in the ground into your soup. I made this when I had a yucky cold a few weeks ago, so I wanted to load it up with sinus-clearing and nutritious things. I made it up as I went along, but this is definitely a lentil soup recipe worth repeating. So give it a try!

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January 31, 2012

Cilantro Turkey Burger

I usually think that the things I cook sans-recipe (aka my Culinary BS experiments) are good, but. Well. This dinner was phenomenal.

She doesn’t know it, but inspiration for this one comes from my college friend, Emily, who keeps a cooking blog. Recently, Emily posted an amazing recipe for Cilantro Lime Shrimp, which I tried out for a little dinner gathering a few weeks ago now. The shrimp dish was excellent (make it!), and a fortunate side effect was a large amount of leftover fresh cilantro, which I would prefer to use instead of throw out.

Turkey is relatively plain, and uninteresting turkey burgers (read: not flavored or filled with things) can easily be dry & completely tasteless. The trick to make turkey burgers delicious is to fill them with juicy flavor givers. In this case, those things were cilantro, tomatoes, and red onion.

Turkey burgers are a great medium for creativity. Seriously. You can do anything with them. My friend served me mint & feta turkey burgers once. I made Apple Turkey Burgers a while ago. The only way to make a turkey burger not good is to not put anything in it & expect it to have a good flavor. Go crazy with these guys. But first, you really should try this preparation! 

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January 10, 2012

Chick Pea, Goat Cheese, Beet, etc Pizza

This pizza was initially inspired by my friend’s overly beety CSA load. Well, that and the fact that we wanted to make dinner together, but we didn’t want to grocery shop. This pizza came together based on the items in my fridge.

We’ve made this twice now, so clearly we are quite pleased with the concoction, and unfortunately I didn’t take phenomenal pictures either time (it’s hard to cook, chat, AND shoot pictures at the same time, especially when you’re not in the blogging mindset (yet!)).

Yes, if it was whole wheat dough it would be more nutritious, but we didn’t go that route (it’s harder, we were lazy).


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October 11, 2011

Butternut Squash Apple Ginger Soup

Fall is the most delicious of the seasons, and this soup is one of my many fall standard squash dishes.It’s really easy to prepare, and cooks somewhat quickly. It seems a lot fancier than it is, too, which is great for those of us who are trying to trick the world as to how sophisticated the items that emerge from our kitchen really are.

Plus, this gives me something to do with all of the appples left over from my study the other day!

Here’s what’s in the soup:

I was tempted to add garlic when I made this once, an it was a bad move. Learn from my mistakes, people.

Use however much ginger you want — I sliced off about half an inch of that root, and it was delightfully gingery. And use whichever variety of apple you please. There is no need for the apple you use to already have a portion cut from it, either. I used about half of that squash — the top bit was made into soup a few days earlier, and the bottom bit will be made into soup in a few more days. You could do a similar soup with any kind of squash, I think, and this would probably also be great with a sweet potato. 

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October 3, 2011

Culinary BS: Tex-Mex Style (?) “Beef” Fried Rice over Spinach

Clearly I have given up on naming things. On my lentil baked potato post, someone commented saying that it doesn’t matter what I call food, so. I give up. And I’m glad that you all don’t mind.

Update: after publishing this, I got a text from my favorite friend saying that I’m alienating millions of readers my making LHH a vegan blog. PLEASE cook these things with meat, if you want to! I just figured it wasn’t fair for me to completely stop sharing recipes & cooking things because I started doing the vegan thing. Great. The air is clear. 

This post is from back when I bought that beef imitation product and was messing around with it for 3 meals (yup, laziness in posting–whoops). I think it is clear that when I started cooking this meal, I had no idea what would happen. That’s sort of what goes down in this kitchen. I just pulled out ingredients until I got tired of pulling out ingredients and then cooked stuff.

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September 28, 2011

Culinary BS: Spicy Lentil Loaded Baked Potato

The most challenging part of being a culinary bullshit artist blogger is having to create names for the things that show up on my dinner plate. For example, while Summery Vegetably Italian-ish Polenta Meal of Excellence is really really great, that is a terrible name for it.

I think this name isn’t terrible. Not great. But. Not terrible. I know you always assume that the meals are better than the names.

I love lentils. They’re creamy, full of nutrients and fiber and protein and goodness, cost 99 cents a pound, and pair well with a wide range of flavors and foods. Also, look how much food is on that plate. I’m not a calorie tracker, but I’ll tell you this: If you replaced that potato and all of those lentils with a 3oz (which is small-ish) hamburger made of 95% lean beef and a whole wheat hamburger bun, this plate would remain the same number of WeightWatchers points. So. This is a bang for your buck meal, if you ask me! Also, while this meal takes and hour or so to cook, it’s very very easy. And. If I were to guess. Is probably about $2 a plate, if that. 

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