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April 17, 2011

Words Aren’t Going Together In My Brain Right Now

So allow me to share a life update with some pictures.

Check it: For now, I’m just wearing them around the apartment to make sure all is well (I can’t return them once I run in them outside), but obviously I’ll share my thoughts on them once I get the nerves to fully embrace my purchase. I’m kind of psyched.

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January 28, 2011

Couch to 5k Running Program

Most people can’t just one day wake up and go run for 30+ minutes without falling on their face and being forced to crawl back to their apartment, fainting and falling into a river, or experiencing massive discomfort in some other way. While our bodies are generally built to be able to run (cavemen had to run from stuff all the time), they need to be conditioned to get used to running (caveman toddlers had to run from stuff, too, so their bodies were used to it). Makes sense. Running is great exercise—it works just about every muscle one way or another, and other than a good pair of sneakers, you don’t need any equipment (well, a treadmill, if you don’t enjoy running in the cold/rain/elements).

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