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August 8, 2011

Commuting with The Bike

Here's me & the bike I had when I studied abroad in Germany (in 2007) when it was last appropriate to say "I commute with the bike." This was actually the first time I had a bike for practical reasons, and it's also when I learned how to ride in a city without getting hit! Ah, that bike was so great.

That’s how I say it. When I travel to work on my bike. That I commute with The Bike. Sometimes, I steal german word order in my English talking. I cannot help it, and I have no intention to try to.

I am lucky enough to work a bikable (10 mi) distance from my home, so, every once in a while, when I wake up and any of the following are true, I bike to work:

  1. I don’t want to shower immediately
  2.  I have to watch TV at night, and won’t have time to go to the gym after work & cook dinner before Prime Time (this is only relevant during So You Think You Can Dance)
  3. I have errands to run for work in the town where work is, and these errands are bikable
  4. It is a beautiful day and I don’t “have” to run for exercise that day
  5. For some reason or other, I can’t be at the mercy of the train (I’m usually a car-less train commuter)
  6. I don’t have professional well-ironed-outfit requirements for the day
  7. I don’t want to shower immediately

Of course, please add, “and the weather is cooperating” to each of those items. Because communing with the bike in rain is certainly possible, and while it’s fun, too, I don’t ever tend to do it (on purpose). Because it’s messy.

As you have likely guessed, biking to work requires a bit more organization than the normal commute. If only workout clothes were business casual, my life would be a lot more streamlined. 

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July 27, 2011

Spinach Chips, Gratuitous Photos, and No, I’m not Dead

One of the first rules of blogging (that’s right, I read those rules back when I started this thing) is to never apologize for the infrequency of your posts. So instead of breaking rules, I will simply say that I know you all understand that when it’s summery, busy, sunny, and busy, I easily get distracted from the blog. I’m sure that you actually want me to be outside when it’s nice out, rather than guiltily sitting at my computer writing. Things have been busy. The few spare moments I’ve had in the last month were spent trying to escape to the beach (2 days so far…that needs improvement), fixing a never ending line of flat bike tubes (I think I just need a new tire & that this one is glass-ridden), starting another round of half-marathon training on a new pair of minimalist running shoes, continuing to learn how to make cultural vegan food, redoing workout playlists, and reapplying sunblock. I’m having an excellent summer, and while I wish that I had been a better blog-keeper, I don’t wish that at anytime in the past month I was sitting at a computer instead of doing other stuff.

That said, I was just cleaning out my camera, and remembered that I made & photographed the Spinach-Chip-Making process a while back, knowing that there would be a time eventually when I wanted to put a post up, but didn’t really have the brainwaves to contribute to one. So I’ll share the Spinach-Chip process, and then give you some gratuitous summer pictures.

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June 28, 2011

Ride Recap: Cape Cod Getaway

2100 people biked the 150 miles from Boston to Provincetown this weekend. What lunatics.

Of course, I was one of those lunatics.

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June 6, 2011

How To Fix a Flat Bike Tire

While this isn’t one of the posts from which ever so so many readers will be able to immediately draw something to integrate into their lives (although I really think you all should bike absolutely all the time), I am still throwing it up here on le Blog because fixing a bike flat is a lot easier than I thought it would be, and, well, if the singular reason that you’re holding off on the bike riding is because you’re nervous to ever be in a situation in which you have to fix a flat, I’m here to help. But I’m sure that that’s not stopping people from bike riding. But. It’s a good skill to have, so here’s what you do when you’re faced with this type of situation mid ride:

You may remember that this lovely tire situation interrupted a ride I took a while back. It’s taken this long to muster up the ability to revisit the experience. And since then, I have also upgraded to a Real Grown Up Modern Road Bike which doesn’t get flat tires every 40 miles! But. If it does get a flat, I am prepared.

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May 26, 2011

The Recent Healthy Life Things I’ve Been Up To

Did you know that one of the cardinal rules of blogging is to never do anything remotely close to apologizing or feeling guilty for not being the most consistent of bloggers? I’m grateful for that–it makes it much easier for this to be something which fits into my life, instead of something around which I feel obligated to shape my life.

Rather than come back at you all with a standard post, which, seems impossible when looking at this pile of photos I have taken for Blog over the past few weeks, I’ll life update. Normally, I tend to stray from the “and then I did this and here’s a brain dump and nothing in here is anything that anyone else can make use of” blog content, but there’s probably stuff in here that others can take and stick in their own lives. Right?

Instead of blogging, I have been doing the following:

1. Biking on my new bike (and not Ironing)

between these two, the choice is quite easy.

2. Getting creative with polenta toppings and flavor palates

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April 30, 2011

Springtime on the Charles

I’m aware that quite a few posts have been bike-centric recently, and that’s because my brain is bike-centric at the moment.

We just had a few beautiful days in Boston, and I just need you to see how beautiful my bike path was looking. And how much everyone was enjoying the sunshine. And celebrating fitness & life & stuff. Twas glorious.

And at the end of this series of pictures, you shall see why another bike-centric post will be happening in the near future…!

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April 27, 2011

Hamburger Night/Summer

Today, I acted like it was summer.

I biked to work, squeezed in a (10 minute) picnic lunch, managed to hold a meeting outside, biked all around after work wearing a tank tap, and then ate this for dinner: If I eat grilled vidalia onions (okay, in this case oven-grilled) enough, it will become July, yes? Yes.

Anyway, I feel like people know how to cook hamburgers, technically, but don’t always know how to make them taste good, and not just taste like cardboard covered in ketchup. So I’ll share my standard Hamburger “recipe”. I promise I eat foods that aren’t burger form, although I understand how, between this post and my last food-related post, you might doubt that. But first, allow me to indulge you with 2 pictures that I needed to take on my bike ride today. As in, biked passed the shots, thought about how cool they would look, turned around on the bike (once barely escaping Death By Speeding Mini Cooper), got off the bike, and took the photo. I need to find a way to Cam Jansen blog-quality photos.

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April 22, 2011

Biking, Sunshine, and Elation

The Vibram Review post is taking longer than I anticipated to pull together, so to pass your time & mine, I give you my bike: Isn’t it pretty? It is. I love it.

I also really really love sunny daysWhen these two things collide, especially in the early spring (and mid and late spring and early, mid, and late summer, and early and mid autumn), well. Unparalleled joy. It amazes me how thing simple combination of bike+sun just makes me So Unbelievably Happy. So I’m going to share that happiness with you all. 

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