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September 4, 2011

How To Cook Just About Everything

I work with a lot of (excellent) college students, and right now is the time of the year where they are all settling into their new living quarters, and realizing that they need to depend on their own kitchen, rather than a dining hall, for sustenance.

So far, only one sorry kitchen tale has been brought to me (it was the story of a sweet potato that refused to cook fast enough), but as I eagerly await more, “Sarah, how do you cook?” questions, I figured I’d throw a post out there, dedicated new these new Kitchen Crusaders, in hopes that their kitchens soon produce delicacies finer than cup-a-soups, toast, and frozen vegetables.

Okay, before we get started…

Please make sure that your meals generally consist of vegetables/fruits, a grain or starch, and a form of protein. You know how to cook cereal, pasta, minute rice, salads, and sandwiches. You can probably do tacos, stir fry, pizza, and scrambled eggs really well. That’s all awesome. I’m going to walk you through some different (easy) preparations of foods that are healthy, inexpensive, and easy to find. Honestly, I googled most of these things when I first found myself in my own kitchen!

This is a very long post with a lot of information in it.  I’m hoping that this is everything you need to know to start really cooking for yourself all of the time! I’m trying to include the basic foods that don’t come with “this is how you cook this food” directions written on it, but let me know if I’m missing anything.

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February 6, 2011

Turkey, White Bean, and Green Stuff Soup

It's not very attractive, but it is very delicious.

I was an English major, but first I was an engineer. Among other things, this combination of thinking methods leads me to make meals up, rather than follow recipes, in order to more completely get the food that I want. I’m a culinary bs-er. I like cooking, because it’s a practical application of creativity and, unlike building bridges or writing critically about Shakespeare, if you mess up majorly, it’s not ultimately a big deal and it’s probably reversible (unless you burn your house down, of course). If you discover a delicious new meal, awesome. If you don’t, well whatever — now you know not to cook that again! No one’s going to drive their car into a canyon or think you’re a literary imbecile because you got a little too inventive when cooking.

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January 29, 2011

How to Cook Beans

Yes, pre-cooked canned beans exist, but I like to get dry beans and cook them because it’s a lot cheaper  ($0.99 for two cups of dry beans verses $0.99 for a can of cooked beans), I know what’s in them when I cook them myself  (they’re not loaded with sodium & other non-bean-items), I can flavor them how I want, they make my apartment smell delicious, and I prepare them so that the gassiness issue vanishes (I’m such a lady).

Also? It’s wicked easy to cook your own beans–it takes a bit of time because you have to soak them over night (or you can quick soak them, which I’ve never done), but I mean. That’s not exactly labor intensive. Cooked beans freeze really well, too, and when you have cooked beans on hand, you can just toss them into anything to make things more filling & hearty! I’m cooking cannellini beans here, but you cook any sort of bean (except green beans, of course) the same way. 

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