Pictures Of The Food I Eat

Polenta topped with roasted veggies, tofu, and goat cheese

Breakfast Polenta -- mixed with some honey & topped with strawbs.

Fajita-topping-topped polenta. Or deconstructed fajitas?


Summer Oatmeal = oats cooked in milk with strawberries mixed in.

Roasted Broccoli. Chopsticks necessary.

Rutabaga Fries. Just like squash fries, with one key difference.

Apple Turkey Burger with Squash Fries

Scrambled eggs loaded with mushrooms, spinach, tomato, onion, and cheese.

This is just wheat pasta with a quick homemade sauce on it (onion, garlic, crushed tomatoes, herbs). I would have put an egg on it (the tomato sauce plus egg combo is miraculous), but the egg frying pan was dirty.

My first experiment with Green Curry Paste -- stir fried chicken and veggies that really did taste like thai food!

Lentils and Barley. With an egg on top. click for the recipe!

roasted asparagus

this i made up. I made half of an open faced grilled cheese, then spread avocado on it. And added an egg. Obviously.

Egyptian Ful (click for recipe i used) with an egg on it. Delicious.

roasted eggplant

a successful hamburger night

Pomelos are delicious -- they have the sweetness of grapefruit without the bitterness.

Chocolate-Raspberry oatmeal. Thats right. I just cooked it with frozen raspberries in the bowl, and then added unsweetened cocoa powder & splenda baking stuff. Its magical, and further supports my theory oatmeal versatility.

Spaghetti Squash


6 Comments to “Pictures Of The Food I Eat”

  1. Hey you did make the Ful!! Well done. I just threw the last of the leftovers away yesterday. It still looked ok but I don’t know how long it keeps and I didn’t want to get sick.

  2. Your food looks so much better than my daily intake of turkey avocado sandwiches….DAILY.


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