When it gets down to basics, food is fuel; it’s what we put into our bodies and say, “okay, body – here you go. Use this to make me operate the very best that I can”.

Yes it’s also (oftentimes) delicious – taste buds helped cavemen know what was rotted/poisonous and what was not. But now, since most things in grocery stores aren’t rotted or poisonous (except bleu cheese and bay leaves), using only taste buds to figure out what to eat won’t always lead to the most balanced & nutritious food choices (poptarts and oreos didn’t exist in caveman time).

Here are some things that I try to live by, in terms of food choices

the bulk food section is full of good stuff!

  • Fuel your body with beautiful things (I just like this).
  • Most of the nutrients and quality food is in the perimeter of the grocery store (dairy, meats, produce) and also the pasta and bread and oatmeal aisles.
  • Basic food is good food. It’s densely packed with nutrients because it’s straight from the earth (I’m thinking oatmeal vs. dry cereal here), and also it’s a LOT less expensive than the manufactured food.
  • Most pre-packaged, manufactured stuff isn’t real food. Okay, it’s food, but it’s not fuel – brightly colored packaging is meant to deter people from reading the ingredients.
  • Aim to make healthful choices 80-90% of the time – it’s kind of boring to only ever eat completely healthy and nutritious food.  I mean. Chocolate? Beer? Ice cream? Hello, we need those things.
  • (this one might be Sarah Specific, I’m not sure) Only bring food into your kitchen if you know that you can “responsibly” live with it around you. I live in an Ice Cream Free Zone™ because I still suspect that if I have a carton in my freezer, it will be eaten immediately & I will feel ill. I also don’t really have any snack food in my apartment (other than fruit, yogurt, and things like that) because I don’t need anything around that I will want to mindlessly eat. I wish this wasn’t the case and that I could have a completely normal relationship with food, but alas. I can control the food that I bring into my apartment, so I do.

If I could afford to exclusively eat the foods of the Whole Foods Salad Bar, I would.

Eventually, it becomes physically noticeable when you eat something that your body that isn’t used to processing. Do this enough, and you actually won’t want to eat an entire carton of ice cream or an entire box of cereal in one sitting (…I know I am incorrect in assuming that those are things that a lot of other people ever did…). You will come to realize that when you’re craving something sweet, fruit definitely won’t make you feel yucky, but candy might. Once your body is used to receiving quality food, your mind starts to realize that that’s what it wants, too.

As I get more recipes and food-related posts up on this site, I’ll link them to this page. Here’s what I’ve got so far!

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Favorite Food-Related Websites

Smitten Kitchen — Her food looks amazing. Amazing.

Live Strong — they have nutrition information for just about every food that exists, plus a lot of great information about healthy living

Any types of food you’d like me to take a stab at? Any favorite websites you’d like to share? I’m curious to hear!


2 Comments to “Food”

  1. Sarah,
    First and foremost, I’m a huge fan of where your blog has gone. It’s a great reference for anyone wanting to kick-start their way to an A+ Diet.

    You, along with some other friends have inspired me to start, and maintain a healthy diet. Since I’ve been home from school, I’ve been eating TONS of fruits and veggies, whole grains, beans, chicken and fish. What a lot of people don’t realize is that there is a variety of ways to be creative without being repetitive. You do an excellent job at proving this point to people: Diets don’t have to be boring!

    Now, what I’m interested in seeing next from you are ways to create a variety of salad dressings. This is something I’m not too familiar with in my culinary repertoire. I’m wondering if you perhaps have some good advice for making a vinaigrette that’s more than just the mundane combination of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.


  2. So the situation must be reversed to succeed with weight loss v3 diet pill review In fitness, no one is ever too young or too old for improvement.

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