Absolutely anybody can be an athlete – it’s just about finding the sport or activity that you love, acclimating your body to that sport/activity, and continuing to enjoy it.

The key, I find, is figuring out what you can do tomorrow to be a fitter person than you are today.

When I started exercising, my biggest concern was that people would see a fat person exercising and laugh. Or judge. But you know what? Anyone who thinks negative thoughts about someone else for getting out there & exercising isn’t worth impressing. Period, end of sentence.

It doesn’t matter what you look like when you’re exercising. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, or why you’re doing it. Your muscles and your heart (the things that benefit from the exercise) are just happy that you’re using them.

When first introducing exercise, I think it’s best to sort of force it on yourself and not allow for excuses. Say, “Listen, self, I don’t care what you say. Today, I am going to make you move for xx minutes (set a reasonable goal based on your current abilities), okay? It’s for your own good & soon enough you will thank me for it.” Just make moving your body a priority, and soon enough, it will have seamlessly merged with your life to become something that you look forward to each day as a required break from your life. You’ll get hooked on the endorphins, I promise.

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Favorite fitness-related websites

Map My Run — use this to, well, map out your runs & find routes people have already mapped in your area. they also have “mapmyride,” “mapmywalk,” etc, etc. Not “mapmyswim” yet, though…

What to Wear When Running — this Runners World website suggests what to wear for runs, depending on the weather. ( is also just a great site)

Hal Higdon has great running training programs (I used his half marathon program to train for my half)


2 Comments to “Fitness”

  1. Love the blog! So motivating! Do you use dailymile? It’s a great social networking AND workout site!

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