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April 25, 2011

Vibrams & Barefoot/Minimalist Running

I’ve logic-ed it out, and I think this barefoot running stuff makes sense.

I’ve had Vibrams for about a week, and they only have 2 miles on them so far (frequently ignored muscles quickly became sore), but I’m psyched to get my body adjusted to running in them. It might take a while, but it will definitely be worth it.

These Bikilas are Vibram’s running-specific shoe

Among other things, Running in Vibrams is just more fun than running in sneakers. With them on, I felt like I was bouncing along the pavement, naturally moving forward, rather than pounding through it, pushing myself forward with every foot strike. I was a little kid discovering the most natural and exciting thing I had ever found. And with every other runner I saw, I wondered if they knew what I was figuring out — I felt a little bit sneaky, like I had found some elevated awareness of what running was supposed to be. I felt like my whole body was involved in my run– I could feel the ground my feet were interacting with and I could feel my legs and muscles working in a completely different way. I felt each step. And I’m still thinking about this twenty-something minute run.

Running in Vibrams was like discovering a secret. And I’ll try to share that secret with you all, by talking a bit about the shoe itself, the difference in my running step with the Vibrams, and why I am psyched about how sore my calves were post-vibramed run. 

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April 18, 2011

Marathon Monday in Photos

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April 17, 2011

Words Aren’t Going Together In My Brain Right Now

So allow me to share a life update with some pictures.

Check it: For now, I’m just wearing them around the apartment to make sure all is well (I can’t return them once I run in them outside), but obviously I’ll share my thoughts on them once I get the nerves to fully embrace my purchase. I’m kind of psyched.

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March 27, 2011

The Transition from 5k Runner to 5 Mile Runner

stop being jealous of how cute I looked after this 5 mile race!

Since starting this blog, I have heard from many people that they can run around 3 miles, and would like to develop into someone who can run 5+ miles and can I please drop a bit of knowledge on that topic.

It’s taken me a while to get to writing this post because, well, honestly, I don’t really feel confident about the knowledge I have to drop re: this topic. I have no idea what it’s like to be a person who already can run a certain distance and aim to lengthen that distance. I was a person who could not run aiming to transition into a person who could run. But I must know this stuff, right? A year and a half ago, I couldn’t run for 2 minutes and now I can run for as many minutes as my sneakers/body-fuel-system will allow for (to be tested as soon as my leg muscles, sneakers, other obligations, and the weather cooperate enough for another long run). It was this time last year that I was wrapping up the Couch to 5k program and beginning to transition from running 2-3 miles each workout to running 4-6 miles.  Clearly I made this transition–I just guess I wasn’t focusing on it a whole lot.

Luckily, I have that massive excel sheet of all my workouts from 2010 and 2011, so while I wasn’t focusing on exactly what I was doing last year, I can examine & re-visit it now. And I’d like to share the following suggestions for transitioning from being a 5k runner to a 5m+ runner.

1. Just Run!

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March 20, 2011

On Appropriate Running Shoes

So the plan was to sit down this morning and write a enthusiastic post about how my life was changed by switching from one variety of sneakers to another after realizing that the mid-run pain in the outer bit of my leg was caused by wearing sneakers with more support than I need. I even took this picture yesterday of the new sneakers stomping upon the old sneakers, proving their superiority.

The plan was that my lovely 11 mile run yesterday would have cemented the fact that the shoes the running store and I spent hours (okay, probably 40 minutes) deciding were perfect for my absurdly large feet with a confused arch were, actually, what I should be running in.

I was going to write beautiful words of joy and delight about how wonderful it is when you have finally found the appropriate sneaker. I was going to draw charts showing things about what different kinds of support structures do to your leg when you run on them, and I was going to do research and it was going to be a lovely post, all in all.

Instead, I am sitting on my bed moving an icepack around my lower left leg every 20 minutes, and staring at my “new, perfect, blah blah blah” sneakers with rage. Rage. Once I mentally collect myself, I will be going back to my favorite running store, where, once again, I will exchange shoes that I ran 15-20 miles in for another pair of new shoes which, fingers crossed, will do the trick.

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March 7, 2011

The Long Run

Now that the weather is warming up and April race dates are approaching, it seems that everyone is starting to rotate a long run back into their exercise schedules, and I would please like to talk about them, why I think they’re great, and share what I’ve learned about prepping for, running, and recovering from long runs.  If you’re not one who runs (yet?), there is still stuff to be learned about fitness within the words of this post – pinky swear. This is long, but it’s full of good stuff. As with most of my knowledge, the following is the compilation of months of googling combined with experience. Lovely. Let’s go.

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February 23, 2011

Running with A Dog — A Guest Post

I’m pretty excited about my first ever guest post.

Jayne and I went to college together.  Before we met, a friend said to me, “Have you met Jayne? I feel like maybe you have… You would know if you’ve met Jayne—she’s super goth”.

Jayne is not goth. But. You would know if you’ve met Jayne. I have a theory that anyone who spells “Jayne” with a “y” is rather worth knowing.

The main difference between Jayne and me (other than that I’m better at scrabble) is that she likes animals, while I do not fancy them all that much. Despite this difference, I still respect Jayne. Growing up, I was certain that all big black dogs wanted to kill/eat both me and my cat. Jayne’s dog is the very animal that Young Sarah feared the most.

Anyway, Jayne’s a veterinary student and lives with her dog, Rory, two roommates, two other dogs, and two guinea pigs. Yes –that would be more animals than people. Here’s Jayne’s lovely guest post on running with Rory.

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February 20, 2011

The First Jacketless Run of 2011

Some afternoons, I am able to leave work for a little bit and take advantage of my favorite time of day for running. Thursday was one of those afternoons. It was 53 degrees and sunny. I only needed to wear capri-length pants and a long sleeve running shirt. I was pretty happy. Here are some pictures I took that I hope will make you pretty happy, too.

ah, I am completely delighted and relaxed

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