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January 12, 2013

Using Workout Time Well: A Personal Trainer’s Tips


One of the many benefits of nutrition school is the wonderful friends that come with it and the wonderful knowledge, backgrounds, and passions that they have to share.  Katie Occhipinti has been a personal trainer since she was 18, once competed in a figure body-building competition, comes from a family of personal trainers, and has an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. I’m always chatting with her about workouts and her training (and trying to squeeze out some new ideas), so I figured I’d ask her to write a guest post and share some tips and pointers from her vast pile of fitness knowledge & experience. If you like what you’re reading here, check out Katie’s blog at


Time, or lack there of, is one of the biggest obstacles we face when trying to stick to our exercise regiment. Whether it is getting in a run before work or pumping some iron in between classes, making the most of our gym time is crucial. Try incorporating some of the tips below to get the biggest bang for your buck. You will see that kicking your own ass at the gym does not take long.

1.  Circuit train. Circuit training is a popular style of lifting weights. It consists of going through a series of exercises (usually 3 different exercises) and upon completing the last exercise in the series, beginning back again at the first exercise. Circuits are usually done 3, 4 or even 5 times through. If you are FIRST starting out, it is perfectly fine to go through your exercises one or two times through and then increase the number of rounds as the weeks go on. The benefit? Constantly moving from one exercise to another will help you maximize calorie burn and will allow you to strengthen many different body parts in one workout. 

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March 15, 2011

Guest Post — 10 Steps to Stay Motivated to Work Out

(that's my plane hair)

World, meet Michelle, who I adore & think is awesome. I think you guys will get along.

Despite having only ever seen each other’s faces one time after an early morning flight I took to Chicago, we are best friends. It’s true. Ask anyone. We know each other through a board, share a lot of the same head space, struggle with a lot of similar things, and generally support each other and kick each other in the face when one of us is being stupid in terms of making smart healthy choices in life and keeping our heads on straight. There tend to be almost daily face-kickings. It’s good stuff.

Someone recently asked Michelle to share, via e-mail, how she stays motivated to work out, and she pulled this (perfect) list together. She told me about it, and I asked if I could share it with the world, because I just believe that most awesome things ought to be shared with the world. So, world, here are my lovely and badass friend Michelle’s 10 Simple Steps to Staying Motivated to Workout. Enjoy!

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February 23, 2011

Running with A Dog — A Guest Post

I’m pretty excited about my first ever guest post.

Jayne and I went to college together.  Before we met, a friend said to me, “Have you met Jayne? I feel like maybe you have… You would know if you’ve met Jayne—she’s super goth”.

Jayne is not goth. But. You would know if you’ve met Jayne. I have a theory that anyone who spells “Jayne” with a “y” is rather worth knowing.

The main difference between Jayne and me (other than that I’m better at scrabble) is that she likes animals, while I do not fancy them all that much. Despite this difference, I still respect Jayne. Growing up, I was certain that all big black dogs wanted to kill/eat both me and my cat. Jayne’s dog is the very animal that Young Sarah feared the most.

Anyway, Jayne’s a veterinary student and lives with her dog, Rory, two roommates, two other dogs, and two guinea pigs. Yes –that would be more animals than people. Here’s Jayne’s lovely guest post on running with Rory.

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