I’ve been neglecting the blog for good reasons–don’t worry.

and honestly, I probably won’t be all that consistent with posts much anymore. But when I was writing this blog & really deep into it, I realized something: I love this stuff and I want to do it forever and ever.

And by “this stuff” I mean sharing why living healthfully is wonderful & worth it, and how it’s pretty simple, once you get the hang of it. But I don’t just want to do it in blog form. I want to be official. So guess what?!

In the last 8-10 months, I’ve applied for, been accepted, and enthusiastically accepted a spot at Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy! Come September, I’ll be perusing two degrees: One in Food Policy & Applied Nutrition, and another in Public Health. Friedman is an amazing place — have you heard of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign? Probably. It was based on Shape Up Somerville, a “community based research study” done at the Friedman School. Neat, huh? I only applied to one school, and I’m very confident that it is the right place for me to be to get started with this stuff!

I’ll be in school for 2.5 years, and while I’m a little bit nervous (okay, very) about going back to school after 4 years working, I got a desk in my apartment a bit earlier than necessary, and am slowly warming up to the idea of homework.

Right now for work, I educate people on a large scale as to the importance of philanthropy, and encourage them to change their behavior and donate money to their university. My goal is to educate people on a wide scale as to the importance of health, and encourage them to change their behavior and life in a healthier way. I think I want to focus on children, but I don’t really know yet. I don’t want to limit my focus before I even get started!

Other than that, life is great. I’m loving everything about biking season (the MS 150 ride from Boston to Provincetown is in 12 days!), I’m (still) reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and running is still impossible, due to the charming ramifications of my stupid stress fracture. I haven’t jumped in the ocean yet this summer, but I will soon.  I have 46 days until my last day of work (timed to coincide with the timing of the Olympics), and I’m psyched to get going on this next chapter! Thank you to all you for supporting me through this blog (and even in real life, of course) and helping me truly realize the best way that I can live and enjoy my life while helping others to better theirs!


6 Comments to “I’ve been neglecting the blog for good reasons–don’t worry.”

  1. AWESOME!! Good for you. You’re still so young and when you start to do something you’re so passionate about you’ll only flourish. I hope you’ll still blog once in a great while to keep us up to date. Your blog has really been one of the only ones I truly followed, but I totally understand when life opens new doors. So happy for you and whether it’s children or not you will be making a different in someone’s life. Even if it was just this single mom who has been battling for awhile. Thank you for being real!!!

  2. Sarah, congratulations! I have been wondering were you have been. Glad to hear it has all been good things, and you are still fighting the good fight. Hopefully we will here some more from you in the future. And good luck at Tufts

  3. Dear Sarah, That’s great news! congratulations. It sounds inspiring. 🙂 Best wishes

  4. Sarah,
    Congratulations, Good Luck and…most of all…Thank You! My husband has MS and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing the ride. By the way I came back today to check the spaghetti squash recipe- yum!

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