Starting up Simply: How To Cut Pineapple

All right, World, I come to you, once again, with intentions to get back into this whole blogging thing. I love it, I love you, and just because I worked through most of the “Post Topics” lists that I made, doesn’t mean I’m done. The fall was busy & great, though, and the time I took off from blogging allowed for numerous future sarah good things to be brought to fruition. But now it’s a bit of a waiting game, soooo hi!

Right now, I’m list free. And camera-free, actually — I just moved (about a mile down the road for dollar retaining purposes) and I have no idea what drawer it’s in. So, before attacking my (new!) kitchen and (newly organized!) workout clothes drawer with my camera, I’m going to take you back a ways. Back to that wonderful time when my camera was a kitchen appliance that my brain was always trying to use without accidentally dropping in a pot of soup. Back to that time when all of the sentences that I wrote on my blog were complete ones.

Oh My.

Anyway. Here’s a pineapple cutting tutorial. It’s a frighteningly delicious fruit wrapped in a frightfully intimidating exterior, and now you’ll know how to crack it.

Step 1:
Obtain Pineapple & Knife. Well, no knife if you’re good at karate chopping through fruit. Step 2 (which should actually be Step 1, maybe)
assure that pineapple is ripe. If one of the middle/top leaves comes out easily, it’s ripe. 

Step 3:
Top & tail the pineapple.Step 4
Start chopping!

Step 5:
Remove the skin & the core. I think this is easiest when the slices are little.

Step 6:
Finish up!
Step 8:

So it’s a process, I suppose, but is actually not that much harder than cutting up a melon, when you break it down into the steps. Hope this was helpful!

I took these pictures on April 30, so this is a vintage pineapple. I think I will go out now & acquire a fresher one–I suggest you do the same! I’m trying to think what other fruits/vegetables have an intimidating exterior… Let me know if you come up with any that are hard to attack!

Okay, but for real (since I like lists)– here’s a list of posts that I will write
But first, I will work my way through pictures that are already on my computer. This is happening!

  • How 5 Vegan Months Benefitted Me & Why Now I Just Eat Whatever
  • Stories from The Boot– Attempting a Healthy Lifestyle When Wearing an Air Cast for 6 weeks.
  • Yoga is Great, actually
  • Chickpea, Beet, Goat Cheese, Caramelized Onion Pizza
  • Something else with Polenta (googling this brings a million people to my blog every second–gotta give the people what they want!)
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3 Comments to “Starting up Simply: How To Cut Pineapple”

  1. Thanks for coming back to us. Great post as always. How about a lesson on Mango? I love the stuff, but hate cutting it and that stupid pit drives me nuts!!!! Glad to hear all is well. While moving is probably one of the worst things, I try to look at all the positives. Great time to get organized. Throw stuff out. Find places for new stuff. Plus, your saving some $$ too. All great attributes.

    Have a wonderful, safe and prosperous 2012, but keep the blog coming. I’ve always loved your insight.


    • mmm, mango. Mmmm.

      yes, I will put that on the list (just so i can eat it afterwards), although I don’t think I’ve been seeing them in supermarkets around here recently!

      and I’m not convinced that there’s an easy way to cut one. But. I’ll give it a shot!

      happy new year to you, too, Susan!

  2. I just noticed that you’re back! Yay!!!! So happy.

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