We’re All Going To Overcome Binge Eating.

Today, somebody googled the phrase, “I have no hope to overcome binge eating,” and consequently broke my heart.

Their google search brought them to the binge eating post i wrote a while back, so hopefully they were able to see all of your comments on that post & realize that binge eating is something with which many of us struggle.

I need to write about this all again. Binge eating definitely continues to be one of the main reasons that I’m not in size 6 pants quite yet. I’ll try not to get all insightful and reflective, but I’ve been in a very introspective place recently, so I’m not making any promises.

The only things that we have direct, immediate control over are ourselves. That’s it. We control how we treat ourselves, how we view ourselves, and how we present ourselves to the world, and other variations on those concepts.

What we eat is 100% in our control. Yes, media, peer pressure, emotions, etc, can influence what we WANT to eat, but when it comes down to it, we’re in control of how we treat our bodies.

Our bodies are the one thing that are with us throughout our whole lives. And, with the exception of terrible random health issues or tragedies, we completely control their ability to function. So, by controlling our bodies, we are in control of the way that we go through life. Shouldn’t our priority, then, be ensuring that our bodies are functioning in the best possible way so that we can go through life in the best way possible?

Did I lose focus yet?

When we binge eat, we’re letting an issue unrelated to our body’s physical wellness influence our body’s physical wellness. That sucks.

With food acting as so much more than fuel in our culture (and in our heads), it’s really hard to view it as the stuff we put in our body in order to make our body function. But, I mean, that’s what it is. That’s all it is. But that’s not all it is. It’s also a basic need that all humans share and can enjoy. It’s a way to bring people together. It’s a way to celebrate or acknowledge a holiday. It’s appealing to fuel ourselves with beautiful and interesting things.

I think that, for most people, food is a mental stimulus, which makes sense. If it wasn’t, our species probably wouldn’t have ever had a desire to eat, and we would have died out back in the day or something. Right? Maybe? Yeah. That makes sense. That’s totally why we have taste buds.

Okay, so let’s accept that food does hold a place in our brains. It’s not just fuel, because it’s something we naturally seek and enjoy.

That makes binge eating seem less screwy, right? Extreme seeking and enjoyment of something that humans are programed to seek and enjoy?

So I think that what we have to do to overcome binge eating is to accept that we struggle with it. We have to accept that it is something that can negatively influence the way we treat our bodies. We also have to acknowledge that the way we treat our bodies is 100% in our control. We don’t act on every single thought we have without thinking about whether or not it’s best for us. And isn’t that what binge eating is?

We’ve all had cake before, we’ll all have it again. If we eat more cake now, we won’t enjoy it more. We won’t be celebrating more. We won’t get anything out of more cake than we just get out of a regular amount of cake, except more time with delicious cake taste in our mouths. But the delicious cake taste will pass quickly, anyway. So is it worth it to lengthen the duration of the yumminess when, ultimately, by doing so we are asking our body to do something unnatural: process an extreme amount of calories at once?

And yes, food tastes good. But it’s also how we fuel, control, and influence our bodies. So. It’s important to fuel in a way that will best set our bodies up for success.

Every single thing we do influences our bodies. Me typing this right now while jamming out to a spectacular pandora quick mix is influencing my body.  We ask our bodies to multi-task all of the time, and they’re pretty good at that. But when we binge eat, we’re asking our bodies to process an extreme amount of fuel at once. I’m not all that familiar with the science behind it all, and I don’t feel like googling, but that has got to influence our chemical balance and overall well being a LOT. It hurts our body’s ability to treat us well, that’s for sure. That’s why our brains feel so crazy wacko during/post binge.

This is hard stuff. That’s why so many people struggle with it. That’s why we have to talk about it, and figure out how we can stop struggling with this.

I’m a big believer in the power of a positive outlook and all that mushy gushy crap. I think that if we go around thinking negative thoughts, we’re going to bring negativity onto ourselves. I mean, if you’re telling yourself “I have no hope to overcome binge eating,” you’re right. By ingraining negativity and failure into your brain, you’re allowing yourself to expect negativity and failure, so when the possibility to be negative and fail arises, it already seems familiar and you’re naturally drawn to it.

But we are 100% in control of what we eat. 100%.

Instead of thinking “I have no hope to overcome binge eating,” we need to think, “I got this. I control what I eat, and my body deserves to be treated the best way I can treat it.” We need to acknowledge that food can, unfortunately, have power over us, but not let it. Because food doesn’t control us. We control us.

It’s just freaking food.

I know that I can overcome binge eating. I know that it’s somehow naturally ingrained in me. I know that it’s something I’ve done for as long as I can remember. But I also know that it’s something I can control. When I let myself give in to food and eat it because I want to eat it instead of because I am hungry and it is good food for me to give my body, it is easy for me to slip into that bingey place. But. One day, hopefully very soon, I will kick this. And so will the person with the google search that inspired this entire brain window. And hopefully, by talking about it as a shared struggle, we’ll all get there a little faster. `


2 Comments to “We’re All Going To Overcome Binge Eating.”

  1. I’m sad that your blog went away. 😦

    • me, too! i’ve been quite busy this fall, so figured that rather than sporadically post poorly thought out things, I’d take a bit of hiatus. hope all is well with you!

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