Culinary BS: Tex-Mex Style (?) “Beef” Fried Rice over Spinach

Clearly I have given up on naming things. On my lentil baked potato post, someone commented saying that it doesn’t matter what I call food, so. I give up. And I’m glad that you all don’t mind.

Update: after publishing this, I got a text from my favorite friend saying that I’m alienating millions of readers my making LHH a vegan blog. PLEASE cook these things with meat, if you want to! I just figured it wasn’t fair for me to completely stop sharing recipes & cooking things because I started doing the vegan thing. Great. The air is clear. 

This post is from back when I bought that beef imitation product and was messing around with it for 3 meals (yup, laziness in posting–whoops). I think it is clear that when I started cooking this meal, I had no idea what would happen. That’s sort of what goes down in this kitchen. I just pulled out ingredients until I got tired of pulling out ingredients and then cooked stuff.

The rice:water ratio is 1:2, and you want to put rice in boiling water, and then turn down the heat & let it simmer with the lid on until it’s cooked. Only took me 23 years of living to be certain of that. I don’t think that this meal needs a lot of words to describe what’s going on. So. I’m going to continue to limit them.
That’s the fake beef stuff. I also added some black beans, clearly, because I decided that I wanted to. Then I spiced everything generously before letting it all saute for a while.

These frozen herb things are pretty convenient. Bah. But I just read the ingredients for the first time ever. I won’t be buying them anymore…!

Cook, assorted pile of food, and let your flavors intermingle! At this point, I realized that I had forgotten to use the spinach, and that I needed to because of an upcoming expiration date. So. I just put this pile of food on top of spinach. Why not? It was kind of nice, because the heat of the pile of food wilted the spinach a bit.

So. A strange meal, but all in all a good one. That I would repeat, but without the fake beef stuff. I ultimately decided that I don’t enjoy it. But try this with beans, tofu, or real meat, and I’m sure it would be quite nice.

I put these culinary BS posts up to encourage recipe-less creative cooking, so I hope you’re having as much fun with the culinary BS as I am!


4 Comments to “Culinary BS: Tex-Mex Style (?) “Beef” Fried Rice over Spinach”

  1. Your culinary BS seriously impresses me.

  2. What does the beef-less Ground Beef taste like? I always chuckle when I read meatless BBQ Ribs or anything that doesn’t have meat it in. I’m not a vegan by any means and I do like my meat, but in very small doses. I think any kind of food labeling can be quite interesting even if it’s “Culinary BS” by Sarah. Keep them coming!!!

    • honestly, Susan, I ate it so long ago that I don’t really remember! It has the flavors & texture of meat, I suppose, but. Not really.

      Just give it a try if you’re curious. I’m not quite sure how to describe it (and clearly I don’t remember).

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