Culinary BS: Spicy Lentil Loaded Baked Potato

The most challenging part of being a culinary bullshit artist blogger is having to create names for the things that show up on my dinner plate. For example, while Summery Vegetably Italian-ish Polenta Meal of Excellence is really really great, that is a terrible name for it.

I think this name isn’t terrible. Not great. But. Not terrible. I know you always assume that the meals are better than the names.

I love lentils. They’re creamy, full of nutrients and fiber and protein and goodness, cost 99 cents a pound, and pair well with a wide range of flavors and foods. Also, look how much food is on that plate. I’m not a calorie tracker, but I’ll tell you this: If you replaced that potato and all of those lentils with a 3oz (which is small-ish) hamburger made of 95% lean beef and a whole wheat hamburger bun, this plate would remain the same number of WeightWatchers points. So. This is a bang for your buck meal, if you ask me! Also, while this meal takes and hour or so to cook, it’s very very easy. And. If I were to guess. Is probably about $2 a plate, if that. 

Here’s what I used. I just roasted the broccoli while the potato was cooking (well, broc takes about 25 minutes, and a potato takes 45 min to an hour, so I timed appropriately), and do think that broccoli “fries” are fun, yes. I just tossed the broccoli in olive oil, salt, and pepper, and stuck it on a pan.

Since, as perhaps you know, a potato cooks in 45-60 minutes in a 350 degree oven, so you’ll want to start that process. Clean your potato, and stab some holes in it first, though. 

Lentils cook in a 1:3 lentil-to-water ratio. I usually cook half a cup of lentils for myself, which is absolutely plenty. Bring your 1.5 cups of water to a boil, then add the lentils, and turn down the heat to let the lentils simmer away. It’s fine if you’re too lazy to get a wooden spoon, and just use the handle of a measuring cup to mix things. Lentils are cooked after about 45 minutes of simmering — you’ll want to mix them occasionally. Just taste them to check if they’re cooked.

I enjoy this vietnamese chili-garlic sauce a whole lot, and find that it’s spicy sharpness pairs well with the creaminess of the lentils. If you don’t have it, seriously, try any spices and/or sauces you have. Lentils go well with like. Everything. If you’re unsure, go for the straight up salt/pepper thing. When your potato is ready, it will easily slide off a fork when you stab it. It will also be smushy when you squeeze it, but I don’t recommend testing it that way, unless you would like to burn your fingers.
Then it’s plating time! 



2 Comments to “Culinary BS: Spicy Lentil Loaded Baked Potato”

  1. Keep the culinary BS coming. I could care less what you call them. Just keep blogging. It keeps me motivated and reminds me to stay on track. You’re doing GREAT!!!!

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