You Should Just Go Try On Vibrams

I’m serious. They have real life-changing potential, and I don’t want any of you to miss out. 

Trying them on is not a big deal. Staff at athletic type stores are used to curious people coming in just to check out these curious shoes and, since they’re such a change from typical sneakers, it’s reasonable to leave without buying them (“wow, these are so neat and different! I have to do some more research and think about if I really want these kinds of shoes — I’ll be back if I decide they’re for me!”).

Just try them on. See what you think. I’m going to try to keep the soapboxing to a minimum — I really just think these shoes are great and make sense and I want everyone to have them.

Here’s my list of Why I Think Everyone Should Try On Vibrams.

  1. Feeling the ground underneath your feet is amazing. Especially if it’s raining.
  2. They make running 100% more fun. Walking, too. And just about everything. Especially if it’s raining.

    Arch of Hadrian in Athens -- This is older that the oldest person's foot (also it's the only photo of an old arch I have)

  3. They make you use your feet as actual feet, instead of as blocks attached to the bottom of your legs. Feet are really complex, and sneakers make it so that their complexities and intricacies are just wrapped up and unused. Weak arches? No shit. Arches are one of the strongest structures ever (Greece, Rome, etc).Arches become stronger when more weight is applied to the top of them. They become weaker & collapse when pressure is applied underneath them. Supportive sneakers have made our arches weaker. Barefoot/vibramed walking/running/existing forces the foot to become stronger.
  4. You’ll come to appreciate your legs a lot more because chances are, vibrams will correct any running form you have that leads to injuries. Vibrams encourage a forefoot running form, which directs the impact of your step into your muscles, instead of your joints/bones/etc. Your muscles will get sore, and your joints, etc, will not (or should not).
  5. You’ll share a secret, knowing glance with other vibramed people you see. Runs will become more interesting because you will start to check out the footwear and footstrike of everyone you see.
  6. They are a great conversation starter.
  7. They make running 100% more fun.

Reasons You Might Be Hesitating

  1. They’re weird looking.
    so what. so are your feet. 
  2. They take work to get used to.
    Yes, they do. You’ll want to start off slowly, only running a for a few minutes at a time in them at first. Be prepared for sore calf muscles. But. After a while, you will get strong enough to run long distances in them.
  3. They will give me blisters
    Get socks. I just did, and they totally made my footpad soreness problem a thing of the past.
  4. They smell
    They can go in the washing machine.
  5. They’re $100.
    Yes, but there is no cushioning to wear down, so they don’t have to be replaced as frequently as sneakers do. They will last a lot longer.
  6. They’re not for me.
    You have feet, right? Are those for you? These are just feet. With a bit of padding under them for those of us who find actual barefoot running to be very challenging and perhaps a bit unpractical. 
  7. They’re weird looking.
    Try them on and you will not care.

Please. Just go to a store, put some on, and do a little jog around the store. Even if you decide that they’re not something you need, you will understand this “craze” a bit more. You’ve got nothing to lose! 


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