BS Dinner #2: Pasta with “Beef” and Veggies

I just figure that, rather than think hard to come up with real recipes and try to cook interesting & unique things to share with you all, I’ll show you how I cook through more of these BS Dinner posts. Eating in a healthy way is really easy when you have figured out how to get around the kitchen & combine quality ingredients in interesting ways.I’ll be the first to say that this is one of my less creative meals, but not everything can involve a lot of thought. It was delicious, healthy, and relatively easy, so. Worth a try.

The inspiration for this meal? Curiosity lead me to buy this fake ground beef vegan imitation product, and I figured that the easiest way to first try it out was with pasta. I also was in the mood for sauteed mushrooms.

You could ABSOLUTELY do this with regular meat. It would work with any ground meat or any un-ground meat cut into strips or something. Or you could serve it with a piece of chicken, beef, pork, or fish on top of the pasta–that would be quite delicious, too! It would also be good with chickpeas or beans or something instead of any meat or meat product. It would also be good without any added “meat” at all.

The cooking process was pretty simple, and probably requires almost zero words. We’ll see if I can pull that off! (they’re not in the picture, but I also used olive oil & pepper). 

and boom! Dinner. Easy, healthy, delicious.

The one thing about this beef stuff is that I have to use it all in four days! So. Expect two more posted meals with it coming soon!
This vegan food product is pretty good, although I am not the hugest fan of it just because, despite being vegan, it is somewhat processed & 1 serving contains 11% of my daily sodium. Could be worse! It’s tasty, though. And the two other meals I made with it were, too!


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