Summer Night Runs are Wonderful, But Sometimes Bring Tragedy

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night time running is glorious. Everyone else who is out is relaxed and happy. Well, they might not be, but it’s too dark to see facial expressions, so sure, why not — they all are relaxed and happy. Summer nights on the river/running paths make Boston seem so calm. It’s gorgeous out there, it’s cooler, and, if you leave at the right time, the change in light is fantastic to watch. Whenever a night time summer run fits into my life, I am delighted. And I think these pictures explain why. 

Towards the beginning there, you’ll notice, perhaps, that I’ve obtained an additional pair of running shoes. These new balance minimus shoes are great & i love them — good mix of barefoot running & shod running. I’m sure I’ll post on them eventually.

But towards the end there, you’ll notice the universal signal for Immense Pain Is Radiating From This Point In My Leg And I Have No Idea Why And I Cannot Finish This Run Because Immense Pain Is Radiating From This Point In My Leg.

Then you’ll notice the inside of a cab. Because that’s right — I took a cab home from my run. The cab driver told me to stop messing around and go to a doctor. So I am working on that.

I’ll save you all the rant of “this isn’t fair I worked so hard to become a runner and then I worked so hard to correct my form to get rid of this pain, why is this pain back, how is it exactly the same when I am running in a totally different why, and why is my body basically telling me to sit on the sofa and eat ice cream all day and become as absurdly fat as I can,” because, well, this does stink a LOT (especially since I just registered for a half marathon in October), but I’ll get it sorted out. I’m going to work hard to keep exercising in ways that don’t hurt my leg, but I’m going to take care of myself, listen to my body, etc. This is long term health & fitness that I’m focused on, and I’ll get there one way or another. Being stubborn and sticking to a training plan when my leg is clearly screaming out in agony is not smart. Plus, now that I know I’m running in the “right” way, this pain I’m having must be fairly serious or something. And it’s definitely worth paying attention to.

This is another case of present day Sarah needing to think of ways to put future Sarah in the best possible life position, rather than being her own stubborn self.

(I’m googling moderately successfully, but can anyone recommend a good sports knee doctor in Boston?)

(I can’t be too frustrated, when this view is available to me, right?)


4 Comments to “Summer Night Runs are Wonderful, But Sometimes Bring Tragedy”

  1. It’s an amazing view and I’m always so impressed of the pictures you take while exercising. You’re quite the multi-tasker that’s for sure. I still chuckle at the pictures you took when you were showing how you stretch and basically fell into your dresser. I still laugh at those ones. This leg thing is just a temporary “little” set back. Go to the doctor to be safe. You’ve come WAY to far and this little issue will NOT stop you. Get it checked. Get back to running. Blog your journey. As Bob the Builder would say, “Can we fix it? Yes, we can.” Now go and get it fixed. Can you tell I use to have a little boy? I keep wishing my 9-year old would go back to those toddler days.

    Have a GREAT week!!!!!

    • hahah, i did fall over in that video, huh!? awesome

      i love taking my camera for a run or a bike ride. I always feel like I come upon absolutely amazing sights, and I get a little sad that I can’t share them with people! this way, I can!

      This leg thing. Yeah. It best be temporary! I promise I’ll get myself to a doctor. I also promise that I won’t tell your 9 year old that you want him back in diapers 🙂

  2. Sarah, Are you pointing to the outside of your knee? If so, you may have an inflamed I.T. band. I’ve had that. A little physical therapy and a foam roller to stretch it out did the trick for me.

    • I kind of wish it was just my IT band — I think it’s my LCL. But I did JUST schedule a doctor’s appt. For 4 weeks from today… hah.

      I do love my foam roller. A lot.

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