The Glories of the Knife Sharpener

Biking back home from the train today (on my big ‘ol cruiser commuter bike, that has recently been just as neglected as the blog because biking the 2 miles to/from the train in 90+ degrees ruins outfits), I thought, “hm, you know what would be a fun post to do? Something about the kitchen tools/gadgets that I use all of the time and couldn’t live without. That’s not much work for you, Sarah, and you did have a very nice time posting yesterday. You could do it again today! Just go through your kitchen and take picture of stuff! Fun!”

Then I got home. And I went through my kitchen.

Hm. What could I really not live without?

After my first day back in the office after a week away, there was an obvious choice.  Naw, some wine has twist off caps now. 

Hm. What do I need to use every day? 
Eh, I definitely enjoy my coffee, but this isn’t the most versatile of kitchen gadgets (and is it even a gadget? gosh, this thing is filthy). Plus, starbs is just around the corner. And. I mean. Yeah, it’s out — it’s not a gadget.

The food scale is useful, but I don’t need it. And if someone doesn’t have it, they’re still just fine at maintaining a kitchen.

Hm. Spices? they’re not a kitchen gadget. Neither are onions, paper towels, pot holders, or little bowls. Whisks & wooden spoons are nice, but I usually cook with the fork or spoon I’ll be eating with because I apparently like to burn my fingers. This lovely spoon rest that Roommate crafted is useful, but I existed for plenty of time happily covering my stove with spoon marks. 

No lies — the main reason I’m cooking with a wooden spoon tonight is because I’m photographing the cooking process for ANOTHER post. I know. You’re amazed.

But refocus, Sarah. What are the things that would just make me absolutely crazy not to have in my kitchen?

Well, there’s no suspense for you anyway because of what I’ve titled this post. If I didn’t have a knife sharpener, I would be miserable.

In fact, I have 2. In case I lose one. Which happened once. Reliving that time causes a lot of pain.

Almost everything I make requires chopping. Breakfast? I chop strawberries. Lunch? I chop a cucumber. Dinner? I chop a whole ton of stuff. Healthy food requires chopping and preparation. Chopping can get tedious. Chopping with a dull knife is so so so terrible. I hate it. I can’t stand it. It makes cooking miserable. And it’s dangerous. A knife that smoothly glides through just about anything? ahhhh. Thank you, world.

I also pretty much only ever use 1 knife. If you have read any of my food-creating posts, I’m sure you have seen it many times before. I paid $6 for it about 3 years ago. This is all made possible because of Knife Sharpener. 

Does the knife make the sharpener or does the sharpener make the knife? Does that make sense? No. Does a dirty cutting board & dirty knife make for a better picture than a clean one? No. Does laziness prevail once again? Likely.

It could be because I have so many millions of brothers who have so many millions of knifes and boyscout badges, but I just can’t imagine having a kitchen without having a knife sharpener. So, for all that is good in the world, if you don’t have one, please go get one. I love visiting friends & cooking with them, and I try so so hard to hold my tongue when I am in a dull-knived-kitchen. But I’m sick of it. If you don’t have one, get a freaking knife sharpener. $3. Otherwise I’m going to become that incredibly creepy person who carries around a spare knife sharpener in her handbag.

Hm, I wonder if anyone else has ever thought of doing that…


In other news, TWO DAYS IN A ROW. Your minds are beyond blown, I know. I told you I wasn’t going to neglect blog forever!


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