Spinach Chips, Gratuitous Photos, and No, I’m not Dead

One of the first rules of blogging (that’s right, I read those rules back when I started this thing) is to never apologize for the infrequency of your posts. So instead of breaking rules, I will simply say that I know you all understand that when it’s summery, busy, sunny, and busy, I easily get distracted from the blog. I’m sure that you actually want me to be outside when it’s nice out, rather than guiltily sitting at my computer writing. Things have been busy. The few spare moments I’ve had in the last month were spent trying to escape to the beach (2 days so far…that needs improvement), fixing a never ending line of flat bike tubes (I think I just need a new tire & that this one is glass-ridden), starting another round of half-marathon training on a new pair of minimalist running shoes, continuing to learn how to make cultural vegan food, redoing workout playlists, and reapplying sunblock. I’m having an excellent summer, and while I wish that I had been a better blog-keeper, I don’t wish that at anytime in the past month I was sitting at a computer instead of doing other stuff.

That said, I was just cleaning out my camera, and remembered that I made & photographed the Spinach-Chip-Making process a while back, knowing that there would be a time eventually when I wanted to put a post up, but didn’t really have the brainwaves to contribute to one. So I’ll share the Spinach-Chip process, and then give you some gratuitous summer pictures.

Spinach Chips are delicious. I know they seem odd, but they are delicious and do have flavor. They’re easy. And healthy. And if, for some absurd reason, you don’t like them, they’re not enough of a financial or time investment that you can’t easily justify throwing them out. So make some? Kale chips, made the exact same way and cooked for only a few minutes longer, are also delicious.

In addition to an oven set to 275 degrees, this is what you need:

No need for concern, I ate these well before that best-by date.

Just spray the pan, put down a layer of spinach, spray the spinach, and sprinkle some salt on top. You could also do pepper or spices or whatever, but I usually just do a bit of salt.

Just stick that in the oven for about 20 minutes, but probably check them after 15 to see how they’re doing.

After 15:After 22: cooked. They’re firm, kind of flaky, and crispy. I took a bite out of this one to show you all these lovely spinach-chip characteristics.Then just enjoy them! They’re nice. 

All right, now for the gratuitous pictures. A few of these were originally going to be parts of posts, but. Well. They weren’t.

One day, I biked really far and found this gorgeous view of Boston (yes, I forget the town this was):Before the vegan thing started, I made these awesome fish tacos. Hopefully soon I’ll put up a post on home-made salsa, but it’s really best if I don’t make any promises right now. I went for an awesome long bike ride out in western mass and did a terrible job remembering to take pictures–here’s the one I did get:Camera + Beach/Water scene = delighted SarahThe work conference that I had out in San Francisco included a dinner cruise, so I was able to snap an excellent touristy picture: gosh, that town is amazing. but it would be quite difficult/life-threatening to bike there…

All right, so look! I posted. Ah, how nice. I hope you all are having excellent summers, and I really do promise that I am not going to neglect the blog forever. Just. Summer. Is my excuse for everything right now.

One Comment to “Spinach Chips, Gratuitous Photos, and No, I’m not Dead”

  1. I was getting spoiled and expecting to see your blogs like every day. It was my pick me up and reminder of everything I need to know and do on a regular basis. I completely understand about busy days though and like you said – no explanation needed!! Great post as always. LOVE fish tacos, which looked super good. I love the spinach idea. I normally only eat it raw in salads and don’t like it cooked (too mushy), but I definitely want to try it as chips. Thanks for the idea!!!

    Keep enjoying your summer and keep blogging!!!!!

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