Ride Recap: Cape Cod Getaway

2100 people biked the 150 miles from Boston to Provincetown this weekend. What lunatics.

Of course, I was one of those lunatics.

Rather than individually post the 170+ pictures that I snapped while zooming along the route, here are the 85ish that I think will help you get a feel for the wonderfulness of the MS 150.

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The 150 mile ride was split between two days, and there were rest stops stocked with porta-potties, bananas, powerbars, water, gatorade, band-aids, advil, motivating volunteers, and just about anything else cyclists could want mid-ride every 12-15 miles. We stayed overnight in Bourne, right on the Cape Cod Canal, after enjoying a barbecue (complete with beer truck, of course). Sunday morning consisted of a quick breakfast before we got back out on the roads — starting day 2 off by climbing over the Bourne bridge was pretty phenomenal. This whole ride was a fundraiser for the National MS Society — over $2 million was raised, which is exciting. A HUGE thank you to those of you who donated!

It was very nice to get to bike for a long long time without stressing about the things I normally stress about (a teeny bit) when I bike — since the route was well marked, it was pretty difficult to get lost. If someone got a flat, ran into other bike trouble, or got injured during the ride, there were support trucks driving all over the place to help riders out. Since there were rest/water/bathroom/fuel stops every 12-15 miles, I couldn’t run out of water or get too lost & not have enough fuel to keep me happy/sane. It was all of the great stuff about endurance exercise without any of the stresses. We could just focus on riding. Those volunteers were pretty amazing.

Since getting home and allowing time for the “holy crap I just did that” thoughts to sink in, the most overwhelming thought I keep having is, “Sarah, I mean, listen. If you can bike 150 miles, there’s just not a whole ton of stuff that you CAN’T do.”

Well, that sounds arrogant.

But this ride was a concentrated exercise in physical and mental strength like nothing else I’ve experienced, and I think all of the riders proved a lot to themselves. It’s not as easy as sitting on a bike and pedaling for 5-6 hours for two days in a row — especially if you’re not fueling correctly or enough (as was my case on day 1 when my head was in a foggy mess), your mind becomes tired more quickly than your body, and you don’t even notice it. It feels great to finish day 1, but then you know you have another day of the same thing right ahead of you! But since you already did it, you know you can do it again. I don’t know– it’s kind of awesome. Probably more awesome than the irony of getting a flat tire 100 feet before the finish line of a 150 mile ride!–but of course I finished the ride biking on a flat tire. I wasn’t going to walk over the finish after biking that much!

And the whole environment of the ride was amazing. All of us riders were floating along on endorphins, powerbars, exhilarating downhills, and the ever-welcomed phrase, “that was DEFINITELY the last big hill climb!” even though it never was. The volunteers and spectators cheering us on fueled us as much as the peanut-butter-covered bananas and promise of beer trucks and shower trucks.

I won’t soon forget the weekend I just had. I’m sure none of you are surprised to learn that I already registered for the 2012 Cape Cod Getaway!


5 Comments to “Ride Recap: Cape Cod Getaway”

  1. Sarah! Fantastic! I bet it was just the awsomest ride. Not to mention, I am so proud of you, and inspired!

    I hope RAGBRAI will have shower trucks.

  2. I’m curious about the food. What did they serve you for breakfast and other meals, or did you have to bring food for yourself?

    • hey! sorry for the slow response. Lunch was sandwiches and such things (also oreos, which I thought was weird), and breakfast was like. Scrambled eggs, bagels, cereal-type options. Dinner was an AWESOME barbecue with chili and cornbread and the likes. At all of the rest stops, they had bananas, powerbars, etc.

      They did a great job feeding us, actually!

  3. I do hope you start blogging again 😦

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