The Recent Healthy Life Things I’ve Been Up To

Did you know that one of the cardinal rules of blogging is to never do anything remotely close to apologizing or feeling guilty for not being the most consistent of bloggers? I’m grateful for that–it makes it much easier for this to be something which fits into my life, instead of something around which I feel obligated to shape my life.

Rather than come back at you all with a standard post, which, seems impossible when looking at this pile of photos I have taken for Blog over the past few weeks, I’ll life update. Normally, I tend to stray from the “and then I did this and here’s a brain dump and nothing in here is anything that anyone else can make use of” blog content, but there’s probably stuff in here that others can take and stick in their own lives. Right?

Instead of blogging, I have been doing the following:

1. Biking on my new bike (and not Ironing)

between these two, the choice is quite easy.

2. Getting creative with polenta toppings and flavor palates

Breakfast Polenta with Honey & Strawbs.

Mexican Polenta, I guess - topped with fajita-like toppings

Italian Polenta? Topped with a zucchini/tomato/garlic/chicken tomato sauce and a little parmesan.

For all of these,  I just cooked polenta in salted water at a 1:6 ratio (so 1/4 cup polenta, 1.5 cups water). It was super tasty. I was prepared to want to add cheese/butter/whatever in with it, but I really didn’t need to.

I also made a curry-type polenta topping, but I ate it too enthusiastically to remember to photograph it. I’m pretty sure that polenta is delicious no matter what.

3. Continuing the Calf-Strengthening process for my vibram running

These puppies can take me for 3.25 miles now (more miles than that not tested) before their screaming can no longer be ignored.

 Conditioning my legs and feet for the vibrams continues to be very very cool. My feet feel more flexible and strong– it’s like I can more easily move each individual toe, and I think I use my toes more when I’m just walking around (in flip flops, etc) than I used to. My foot shape is changing a little bit, too. I think my arches have started to rise a bit. And I wear them at the gym sometimes, too — I really like them for strength training stuff because they make me more aware of how I’m moving my body. These vibrams are totally changing my life.

4. Starting the Summer Produce Obsession

I can't think of many things that are more summery than homemade mango salsa. Recipe is plagiarized from a friend, but I'll put it up here soon!

Ooh, and soon, the Farmer’s Market will return!

5. Transitioning from a cardio-based gym dreader to a strength-training-focused gym attendee with some cardio thrown in at the end of workouts.

It's impossible to take pictures of the things I want to take pictures of in the gym without being a Major Creepy Weirdo.

I no longer dread the gym! I actually kind of love it! These machines, I do not love, but I also don’t really shape workouts around them. One day, I’ll post about a strength workout. But today is not that day.

6. Making use of a great way to have cold, yet cooked, summer dinners

This would be the italian polenta meal in the summertizing process.

Hm, I wonder if polenta would be good in popsicle form…

7. Preparing myself for a summer of active sun time

everytime sunblock is on sale, I buy it. Yesterday, I spent $33 at cvs & saved $35. Having an extra care card is an art form.

8. Finishing reading “Born To Run”

No picture, but if you love running or books or reading or fitness or human evolution/body mechanics or really anything at all, you should read this book. I’ve had a kindle since christmas time, but this is the first book that has held my attention more than Scrabble for Kindle, so that’s really saying something.

I’ve been doing other stuff, too, but I think 8 is a nice number for this list.

Plus, I can’t stay away from the sun streaming into my apartment for any longer.

Hope you’ve all been also enjoying everything that can be enjoyed — now I shall go roll around in the sunshine for hours and hours. 


4 Comments to “The Recent Healthy Life Things I’ve Been Up To”

  1. Great stuff! 🙂 I need to bring polenta into my life – I’ve had it before just never on the regular.

  2. I’d like to hear a story about the new bike! :^D

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