Springtime on the Charles

I’m aware that quite a few posts have been bike-centric recently, and that’s because my brain is bike-centric at the moment.

We just had a few beautiful days in Boston, and I just need you to see how beautiful my bike path was looking. And how much everyone was enjoying the sunshine. And celebrating fitness & life & stuff. Twas glorious.

And at the end of this series of pictures, you shall see why another bike-centric post will be happening in the near future…!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


5 Comments to “Springtime on the Charles”

  1. You really make me want to visit Boston. I’ve never been there, and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Adria and I also went for a bike ride on Saturday.

    20 miles

    10 miles from Old Towne Alexandria to Mount Vernon and back again.

    Beautiful ride that starts by the potomac river and ends at George Washingtons home.

  3. How did you do that cool little slideshow thing? I love that! (And the pictures are lovely. I’ve been trying to get better at my photo taking.)

    • I think i just uploaded the pictures, and then clicked “insert slideshow” or something in the media area.

      and thanks! coming back to this post now makes me miss spring on that path!

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