Hamburger Night/Summer

Today, I acted like it was summer.

I biked to work, squeezed in a (10 minute) picnic lunch, managed to hold a meeting outside, biked all around after work wearing a tank tap, and then ate this for dinner: If I eat grilled vidalia onions (okay, in this case oven-grilled) enough, it will become July, yes? Yes.

Anyway, I feel like people know how to cook hamburgers, technically, but don’t always know how to make them taste good, and not just taste like cardboard covered in ketchup. So I’ll share my standard Hamburger “recipe”. I promise I eat foods that aren’t burger form, although I understand how, between this post and my last food-related post, you might doubt that. But first, allow me to indulge you with 2 pictures that I needed to take on my bike ride today. As in, biked passed the shots, thought about how cool they would look, turned around on the bike (once barely escaping Death By Speeding Mini Cooper), got off the bike, and took the photo. I need to find a way to Cam Jansen blog-quality photos.

Bike & Walden Pond are in love with one another. I'm sure they'll spend much more time together as summer continues.

I just enjoyed this house/asparagus farm. As I was taking this picture, 3 different bikers passed me and asked if I needed help and was okay. Apparently not a lot of bikers bring cameras along...!

Okay, photo indulgences are done. Now, let’s get to business re: how to make a consistently yummy hamburger. It’s easy. So. Easy.

I use 93% lean ground beef (Trader Joe sells pre-sized patties at a reasonable price), about 1 tablespoon (?) of chopped up onion, a little squirt of ketchup & bbq sauce (I know, I wish I didn’t use these “fake” foods, but whatever), a bit of chili powder, and some ground pepper. All right, get your fingers dirty and mush that all together, shaping a patty. Put your pan on medium-high heat, and pam that sucker up (I’m aware that you don’t need a picture of this, but this picture is awesome):

I like my burgers medium-rare, and that takes about 3 or 3.5 minutes a side (so 6 or 7 minutes total). If you want to add cheese to your burger, put it on when there are 2 minutes left in the cooking time on the second side. Don’t touch the burger until it’s time to flip–it could easily fall apart and become messy. The pan might turn crazy looking, but just. Don’t. Touch it. Or get a grill pan. Sigh, I want a grill pan. One day.

Apparently, I got sick of cooking with the camera at this point, because here is my next picture:Wow, that one burger turned into a lot of food!

But hopefully this was helpful–this is a pretty fool-proof way to make a consistently yummy burger. And pair it with a good bun and some of your favorite veggies, and you have an absolutely delicious summer dinner. On April 27.

Hah, I just realized that I totally have the beginning of bike-shorts tan lines. I guess 42 miles in the sun will do that to one’s legs! Cute. Awesome. Summer.


3 Comments to “Hamburger Night/Summer”

  1. Sarah, you make me want to learn to bike ride.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. I need to really mix things up. I haven’t been on a bike in years. It may be time. I live in Atlanta where weather is nice the majority of the year. No excuse not to have one. BTW your food always looks so much better than mine!!!

      • Get bikes! They are so fun.

        and my food looks pretty because I have white plates. That’s the secret. Everything looks pretty on white plates.

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