Biking, Sunshine, and Elation

The Vibram Review post is taking longer than I anticipated to pull together, so to pass your time & mine, I give you my bike: Isn’t it pretty? It is. I love it.

I also really really love sunny daysWhen these two things collide, especially in the early spring (and mid and late spring and early, mid, and late summer, and early and mid autumn), well. Unparalleled joy. It amazes me how thing simple combination of bike+sun just makes me So Unbelievably Happy. So I’m going to share that happiness with you all. 

First, allow me to share the History of Orange Road Bike.
Like many good things in my life (apartments, roommates, tennis partners, iPods, and occasional entertainment found when perusing missed connections), Orange Road Bike came my way from my friend’s (named Craig) list.  I drove about 40 miles outside of the city (there is a very high demand for bikes here, so sellers can afford to be a bit greedier), and I questioned things (existential things, yes), rode the bike, looked at it closely (all just putting on a show–I had no idea what I was doing), and then I haggled. It wasn’t for a few days that I learned just how excellent of a deal I stumbled into.

Orange Road Bike had been in this suburban dad’s basement since 1977, when his brother built it, I guess, combining a French frame with Japanese components. Bikes are pretty basic machinery– as long as the parts are good, the bike is good. Don’t quote me on that.

As Suburban Dad was telling me all kind of stuff about the bike, I just made questioning faces and mumbled about how my bike shop guy would be disappointed if i bought it without first showing it to him. I don’t have a bike shop guy. I tried to act like a Knowledgeable But Somewhat Silent and Inwardly Questioning Bike Snob, but I was just a cheap soul who wanted a baller orange road bike that had the personality that this bike seemed to have. I talked it down to $140, and apparently that was kind of miraculous, because when I took the bike to a bike shop a few days later (curiosity), Bike Shop Dave told me that the frame alone is some historical fancy thing and is worth $500-$800. Sweet. So one day when I decide to upgrade to a modern and light road bike, I’ll take advantage of that. But for now, I’m too smitten with this one to even think about getting one which would be easier to maintain and just faster & lighter. Plus, I recently learned how to fix a flat, so I am no longer spending $50-$100/mo to keep the bike functioning.

Anyway. That’s not important. Look.

Any form of exercise that combines pretty places like this with superspeedy moving is great.

I’m not really sure where this post is going. I keep getting distracted looking at these pretty pictures.

Wanna see what I wear when I go for a long ride? I’m sure you do.

I've told you guys that I'm a dork, right?

Boom. There’s the bike outfit. We’ve got the padded bike shorts, sneakers with laces tucked away so that they don’t get caught in the bike, bike gloves, bright shirt so cars don’t hit me, camelback for hydration and key/wallet/phone/iPod holding purposes, dorktastic sunglasses for glare & wind protecting purposes, and helmet, for brain protecting purposes. I also have popped-tire-fixing materials strapped to my bike so that if the inevitable happens, I don’t end up having to walk a broken bike home.

Where were we?

I’m aware that this is a jambled post. My emotions re: my bike & bike riding can’t be well contained.

Look: this is whyI just love where I live. And this picture is from last week–I was out there today, and there are buds on trees! It’s wonderful.

Here’s another reason I love where I live:

It’s much harder for bikers to be car-bait when we have our own lane!

I also love where I bike/run because it is well populated by others. Being on this path makes me feel like I’m a part of a huge celebration of fitness. There are also college crew teams practicing in the river. You can kind of see them to the left of this picture (but not really…whoops!)There are also often college sailboats all over the river. Sometimes, when it’s windy, they tip. I can’t help but find that entertaining. I know. I’m cruel.
I also enjoy coming across nice little scenes like this–if I were a daffodil, I would want to reside under blue shutters.
Sigh. I just love it. There are no words. Do you see why I love being out on my bike? And now it’s just like we went on a bike ride together. Lovely.


5 Comments to “Biking, Sunshine, and Elation”

  1. Love it! You make me want to ride a bike, and you make me want to visit Boston. Some day!

  2. I’m taking a bike maintenance class at my co-op soon.
    Once I know how to fix my bike, I’ll use it more, too!

  3. I love my bike, too. It’s not built for speed, but then, neither am I! I know what you mean about the scenery in Boston! I love it, too! But, I’m in Cleveland and not close enough to the Metroparks except for an occasional excursion there. But my neighborhood suits me just fine. I love to see Moms & Dads with their kidlets in tow. The only problem is that I get such an urge to yell at said parents when they have their kids all safe ans secure in helmets but their own knuckleheads are not-so-safe in baseball caps. I love the Cleveland Indians as much as they do but I love my brain more!

  4. Ugh I really want to start biking! Your bike is great!

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