Marathon Monday in Photos

That was a freaking awesome day. Cheering on these people was a ton of fun — I love how this is one of the only times where it’s socially acceptable to yell at strangers. My hands killed from clapping so much, but I’m sure they didn’t kill nearly as much as the runners’ legs! Man. Boston is #1. Seeing this many people celebrating fitness is just really exciting & inspiring. I’m psyched for April 16, 2012.


9 Comments to “Marathon Monday in Photos”

  1. Very good pictures. Do you feel inspired to run a marathon now? (hint hint)

  2. LOVED spending the day with you and can’t wait to run the 5K with you and JKP next year!!

  3. So cool! I’d love to head to Boston one day to watch the marathon…you’re lucky that you live there to be able to see it each year. The more I get into running, the more in awe I am of amazing running athletes.

    • Yeah, I feel the same way about watching runners as I get more and more into running. In years past, I just thought it was fun to watch it. This year? It was the coolest freaking thing ever and I was just so motivated and excited and inspired by each and every runner. And just the general enthusiasm for fitness and athleticism surrounding the entire city for the weekend. I am definitely lucky to live here!

  4. Hey Sarah,

    Love your blog! You’re an amazing writer. Although I don’t often check in, I’m always entertained, informed and motivated by you!! Keep up the great work! BTW, The apple turkey burger w/squash fries looks yummy. Do you point your recipes? (WW Points Plus)

    Anyway, I was prompted to write when I recognized one of the people in the “tough life” photo. Do you know these folks? If I’m correct, the red-headed guy sitting bottom right on the stairs is Adam’s teacher at RMHS, John Moynaugh.


    • Thanks, Jane!

      I don’t pp my recipes on here, but it’s easy enough to put them into the points tracker!

      And I don’t know those people lounging on the stairs–funny that you might!

      • The guy I referred to is indeed Adam’s teacher. I sent him the link; he thought it was a hoot! BTW, he also loved your blog!!

  5. You captured some really great shots, thanks for sharing so we can live vicariously through you! This is inspiring, I hope to be there too someday.

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