Words Aren’t Going Together In My Brain Right Now

So allow me to share a life update with some pictures.

Check it: For now, I’m just wearing them around the apartment to make sure all is well (I can’t return them once I run in them outside), but obviously I’ll share my thoughts on them once I get the nerves to fully embrace my purchase. I’m kind of psyched.

This morning was the Boston Marathon 5k, which was the first race that I ever ran last year, after I finished the Couch to 5K program. It’s a route that goes around Boston Common and finishes at the actual Marathon finish line, so it’s an extra great 5k, in my opinion. Despite finishing with a bunch of young boys last year, I was really proud of my time. And this year, I was also quite proud of my time. And it was a ton of fun to run with a few friends, too! And then, upon returning home (after walking through the magic that is Boston during Marathon Weekend), New Roommate & I decided that we would embark upon numerous 5Ks just in general. I’m psyched about this, because she is looking to return to running, and I am looking to get excited about distances that are less than 5 miles, since my leg ouches continue. But hopefully the vibrams will change that.

There was also an incident with a wall on a recent bike ride.It probably would have been less painful to hit the pedestrian… But things are healing nicely. Thanks to giant band-aides.

Words are coming soon. I just get distracted by sunshine. And Mildred Pierce.

Also, to whoever googled “healthy people faces” and “a healthy awesome spaghetti squash” and got to my blog? I love you. And hope you found what you were looking for.


3 Comments to “Words Aren’t Going Together In My Brain Right Now”

  1. I am SO JEALOUS of your amazing new feet. I want Five Fingers so badly and am excited to see how you find them.

    (I hope the pedestrian appreciates your sacrifice!)

  2. Congrats on your 5k! Awesome run and 9 min miles is great!

    Sorry about the bike wreck and your arm, hope you feel better soon!

    Kevin / Wildcoast

  3. That’s a terrific time in a 5K from a beginning runner. Good job Sarah! Keep it up.

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