Another Episode of Week Prep

So another rather busy week is coming up, which means it’s vital that I organize my brain around what I will eat and how I will move now, so that when everything is happening this week, I can focus on the things that are happening, instead of focusing on or being conflicted about what I will eat and how I will exercise.

When food and exercise are scheduled as part of a busy week, they happen. When I am eating well and exercising, I have more energy to attack the busy weeks. So it’s in my best interest to plan those things out now. Plus, if I don’t do this now, chances are that 90% of my meals (okay, more like 66.66% of my meals–the apple pumpkin oatmeal is a daily standard) will consist of either $15 salads from Whole Foods or bagels. And cereal and ice cream. And chocolate covered pretzels.

Week Prep is vital.

First up, exercise. Let’s check the weather, as that will very much dictate the exercise plans. Gross.

Okay. Tuesday is looking like it will be a day of rest, because that’s the way my body is feeling right now. You will notice that I am broken, and am laying off the running for a while. Bad things continue to happen in my leg, and I continue to try to figure out why. Plus, I recently came to actually understand the benefits of exercise that isn’t running (lower impact exercises can work your heart and muscles the same way, without causing the same kind of crazy impact/force on your legs that running does), and am working to incorporate more biking. Which means:

Monday = Gym for elliptical session (not wild because I don’t feel like being sore) and a leg muscle thingy
Tuesday = zzzz
Wednesday = Bike ride. That looks like a pretty day. And maybe some ab work after the ride.
Thursday = hm. I’ll either gym, or stash my bike in the car and go for a mid-work-day bike ride.

And on Friday, I’ll maybe try to run. Although, it is my birthday and I will be very very depressed if a painful leg stops me from my birthday run. In other fun news, on my birthday last year, I ran 4 miles without stopping outside, which was the first actual non-walking-ever real “Look! I’m A Runner!” run ever in my life.

The Friday workout is up in the air. That’s fine.

Anyway. Workouts planned. Food. Yum.

Breakfast is the same every day. I couldn’t imagine waking up and not eating oatmeal and drinking coffee.

Lunch? Also the same every day. I make a big salad and enjoy it with toast & a cheese stick. There’s chicken on that salad. This is how I cook it (in just 10 easy steps!), in case you’re not sure of an easy painless way to cook chicken.

Step 1: Put stove to 350

Step 2: obtain chicken (well. Make this step 1 if you don’t already have chicken in your freezer or fridge)

Step 3: Pam your chicken cooking pan/dish

Step 4: put some spices on the bottom of the pan, if you want. I usually use some random spice mix that Santa gave me. Most of my random spice mixes come from Santa. The salt/pepper combo is always good, too.

Step 5: Add chicken, if you want (I assume you want)

Step 6: Add more spices on top of the chicken, if you want.

Step 7: Put chicken in oven.

Step 8: set timer for 35 minutes. Or 34:59

Step 9: wait.

Step 10: remove chicken from oven, and cut it open to see if it is cooked. Not pink and raw looking? cooked. Then, after it cools, I cut it up into salad-sized bits

So this chicken, combined with the plethora of produce in my fridge, means that lunches for the week are set.

We’ve got spring mix, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, apples, zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms, and asparagus. Yes. Overkill. I went to the cheap grocery store and couldn’t resist the deals.

Dinner time.

This is on the side of my fridge right now, and coincides beautifully with what is inside of my fridge right now. Each evening as I am cleaning up the kitchen, I will decide on the following day’s protein and pull the (cute?) little bit of pre-portioned frozen meat out of the freezer. Each day as I am leaving work, I will decide upon the starch/grain for the evening. Although, those are already moderately decided, as I stumbled upon numerous (still good) sweet potatoes, as I was tidying my kitchen this weekend…

Okay, so that means that food is done. Exercise is done. I think that means that this should be a good week in Sarah-Land– I hope it’s a good week in all of your lands, as well!

And the okra rotted. One day, folks. One day.


2 Comments to “Another Episode of Week Prep”

  1. I really, really need to do this every week. It’s crucial!! My weeks have been NUTS lately and the exact same thing happens. I make poor food choices and push exercise to the bottom of the list. When I plan, schedule, etc. . . the week is so much smoother.

    This is critical. Thanks for another GREAT reminder.

  2. such a great idea! i’ve been all over the place lately and this list would definitely help me eat well and not waste the food i have in the fridge!

    P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVE! As your former babysitter of like 20 years, your birthday is forever ingrained in my brain!

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