The First Jacketless Run of 2011

Some afternoons, I am able to leave work for a little bit and take advantage of my favorite time of day for running. Thursday was one of those afternoons. It was 53 degrees and sunny. I only needed to wear capri-length pants and a long sleeve running shirt. I was pretty happy. Here are some pictures I took that I hope will make you pretty happy, too.

ah, I am completely delighted and relaxed

Taking a picture of a stranger reading on a dock is creepy, but I like to think that this stranger is awesome enough that she would have appreciated my creepiness

I enjoy this photo.

were you wondering what my running-hard-while-listening-to-lil-wayne-and-pretending-to-be-super-badass face looks like?

sneaks are wet & a little bit muddy from swamp-like sidewalks, but that's fine.

Ah, what a glorious run. It’s amazing how it’s easy to not realize how gorgeous a town is until you’re out running around in it on a beautiful day.

In other news, Orange Bike, which spent winter staying dry in my parents’ basement among the company of my littlest brother’s bikes, now resides in my apartment, had its first expedition of 2011 on Friday, and is anxiously awaiting more spring-like days. 


2 Comments to “The First Jacketless Run of 2011”

  1. We can’t wait to get out our bikes but, alas, we’re being blanketed with snow again as I type. Sometimes it’s making little pinging noises on the windows so I suspect there’s some sleet-age involved, too. We’ve got one sunny day in the forecast so maybe… a girl can dream, can’t she?

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