I can’t help but completely envy people who can have a pie in their kitchen/ownership and responsibly eat it over a long (but appropriate) period of time.

same goes for girl scout cookies and ice cream.

That’s all.


8 Comments to “Pie”

  1. Oh Sarah me too! We had some cupcakes in the house sort of for V Day and they kept screaming at me to eat them (not regular calling even).

    I wear a bodybugg but DO NOT wear its 23/7 only from wake up until I go to bed unless I am wearing something that looks horrid w it, then I go w/out. I like it and LOVE your blog.

    (I am gretchenpdx on the WW 100+ board)

  2. Hi, Gretchen!!

    I think you’re wonderful, you know. Especially now that i know that you remove the bodybugg if it doesn’t match the outfit.

  3. DUDE–I so know what you mean!!!!!!!!!

    I totally AGREE!!!!!

  4. Cake or pie…I can leave them. But I can smell an M&M or a cookie from a mile away and I will hunt it down forever! Chocolate is my best friend and my nemesis. I have learned, though, that I can make 12 M&M’s last for 30-45 minutes of pure joy!

  5. Oh, I think pie is the best food on earth. When I make a homemade pie (there is no other kind for me), I eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner until it is gone. It is definitely my downfall. I generally try to be polite and not promote my own blog when I’m commenting on someone else’s, but I did write a post on pie this past Thanksgiving with a humorous, true story of my love of pie, if you’re inclined to check it out: http://learningandyearning.wordpress.com/2010/11/25/have-i-mentioned-that-i-like-pie/

    • I don’t ever actively seek out pie, but when it is nearby, my oh pie.

      that wasn’t punny.

      but i was inclined to check it out, of course, and had a lovely chortle. πŸ™‚

  6. What about the low fat recipes with jello and lowfat cool whip? There not a bad alternative. I’m a big fan of chocolate cream pie so I experimented with sugar free jello, fat free whipped cream and low fat grahm crackers. It wasn’t too bad actually.

    Any tips on the Body Bugg? I started wearing one, but just don’t know if I’m getting full use out of it.

    Susan (harrison1410 on WW100+ Board)

    • I am of the opinion that if you are to have pie, cake, whatever, it best be real. but. I’m glad that you’ve found something that works for you, Susan!

      I don’t have a body bugg, so can’t help on that front!

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