On Surrounding Yourself with Quality Food/A Tour of my Food Stashes

Our bodies need a lot of fuel to function healthfully–it’s amazing how much food our bodies can process while they either maintain a current weight or lose weight. Living healthfully isn’t about limiting what you eat by any means; it’s simply about fueling your body with quality, nutrient-rich foods.

I eat a lot of food. I eat every 2-3 hours, and if I don’t, I get hungry and grumpy. Thus, I pretty much always need to be surrounded by good, healthful food options so that I don’t have to resort to one of the following:

1) Waste time figuring out what I’m going to eat, getting increasingly hungry and grumpy as I solve this problem
2) Waste money buying things last minute because I’m a ravenous beast
3)  Eat food that might not be the best nutritional choice because it’s easily attainable

To avoid the above 3 items, I try do a number of things. I feel like making another list, so I will.

1) Eat the same food for ~80% of each day (same breakfast, lunch, and snacks) (I understand that not everyone can do this without going insane) so that I don’t have many food-related decisions to make.
2) Keep my kitchen (and office) stocked up with lots of good food options.
3) Limit the types of food that I buy—I can’t control the kind of food in the world around me, but I can control the kind of food in my apartment, desk, etc.

But here, I’ll simply share the food with which I surround myself with a series of pictures of my cabinets, fridge, etc, both at home and at work.

First, at home.

Now, for the work food stashes. I eat dinner at work twice a week, and when that happens, I bring a bag of frozen homemade soup (that you saw in my freezer) and a vegetable that I can easily cook in the microwave (usually broccoli or green beans). Sometimes, I’ll also bring a globule (charming, huh?) of frozen rice, or just eat more toast with dinner. But for lunch & snacks, here’s what I have around me at work:

The theme throughout this all is that I can make a lot of different things from the food I keep in my house, but nothing, except fruits and vegetables and yogurt, can really be eaten without me first cooking. This makes it difficult for me to mindlessly eat, since I generally need to actively prepare anything before eating it. At work, I can’t control the environment as much as I can at home, but since I do always have my own food around, it is easier to eat the food that I intend to eat.

I hope this was helpful and interesting! Now when you all come and cook with me in my kitchen, I’ll expect you to be immediately familiar with everything! 🙂

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9 Comments to “On Surrounding Yourself with Quality Food/A Tour of my Food Stashes”

  1. Love this post!…to add to the cooking ahead of time, I love ziploc’s vacuum seal bags with its suction sealer. I put meat, cookies, bread, and close to expired/freezable fruit for smoothies.

  2. I have “deskfruit” too!
    I always place it on a desk shelf at eye level-that way, I can’t conveniently “forget” to eat it throughout the day!
    (I prefer veggies over fruit, so I have to “force” myself to eat fruit sometime.)

  3. Sarah! You blogging rockstar, you!!! I’m so proud of you and I LOVE this site. I’m looking forward to the aforementioned soup information. I’d also love some more info on these lentils. I had my first taste of lentil soup last week and I liked it a lot. xo

  4. How would you say this Bengal Spice tea compares with Mandarin Orange Spice?

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