Welcome to Life Lived Healthfully!

So after happily fielding questions about food that I eat, chatting  about running for normal people, and starting to realize that a lot of people who I interact with on a daily basis are genuinely curious about the easy, healthy habits that I integrate into my life, I decided to start a blog to discuss them all. I find that most people are interested in healthfulness and it’s not something that people generally chat about, so BAM, blog created!

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Sarah, and I am a 24 year old young professional type person from in Boston, MA (♥).  I love running, biking, cooking creatively, being on the beach, telling jokes, reading books, excellent music, writing, winning in scrabble, the font “Georgia,” and also telling jokes. I’ve struggled with weight and food-related issues for my whole life, and in the past year and a half, I’ve focused my life around living a healthy way that I’m proud of and have been constantly amazed by how my body & mind respond when I treat them healthfully.

I created this website in order to have a space through which I can share what I have learned through the combination of my life experiences and excessive Googling in hopes of motivating others to realize the ease and benefits of living life healthfully. I find that people are generally curious to know ways to integrate a bit more healthiness into their lives, and it’s really not as hard as it might at first seem!

While I’m coming at this healthy stuff from the perspective of someone who has been fat for most of her life and for whom weight loss has been one of the most defining aspects of her journey to health, I am aiming to make all that I write accessible to people coming at this “okay, let’s live life a bit more healthfully, huh” thing from all angles. I’ll do my best.

I’m looking forward to writing about how to incorporate delicious food, fitness, and general weight-loss related things in to your life without making it the entire focus of life. I’d be absolutely delighted to hear from you with any feedback, suggestions, or questions!


5 Comments to “Welcome to Life Lived Healthfully!”

  1. Hi, I frequent the WW 100+ board (I’m CATZNPIGZ) and wanted to say, “Good job!” You’re a wonderful writer, and your personality really shines through.

  2. Great job, Sarah!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I’m a friend of Jamie Batson’s and really like your blog — keep up the great work!!

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